Podcast: Unprotected Speech


Most people know that free speech isn’t an unlimited right. But what exactly are its limits? In this episode, host Lata Nott walks through all of the types of speech the First Amendment doesn’t protect.
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Is a rule prohibiting lawyers from engaging in harassment unconstitutional?

First Amendment scholar David L. Hudson Jr. explains why states are split on whether to adopt a new ABA Model Rule that would prohibit lawyers from engaging in harassing or discriminatory conduct.
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Podcast: Treading on Sacred Ground

Does freedom of religion protect sites that are sacred to Native Americans? In this episode of The First Five, we talk to the attorney for the Cheyenne River Sioux tribe in the Dakota Access Pipeline litigation.
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Dual Speech/Speech Duel: Trigger Warnings

Introducing our new feature, where we present conflicting points of view on issues related to free expression. Our first issue: trigger warnings.

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The Government Speech Doctrine: A Loophole in the First Amendment?

The government can silence expression it doesn’t like–if it can establish that the expression is “government speech.”
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Podcast: Call It What You Want

Mary Louise Serafine

Is requiring someone to have a license to call themselves a certain type of professional — like a psychologist — a violation of freedom of speech? In this episode of The First Five, we talk to the woman who brought this argument to court.
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Podcast: The Charlottesville Protests

Charlottesville protesters

In this episode, we discuss the events that transpired at the white supremacist rallies in Charlottesville. How should we balance hateful messages and threats to public safety against the rights to free speech and free assembly?
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We want to hear from you for an upcoming podcast episode

The First Five

Leave a message for The First Five podcast about your opinion on the recent firings at Google and CNN for controversial speech.
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Podcast: The Last American Reporter Held in Syria

Every day, journalists place themselves in peril to bring people the news. Austin Tice is a journalist who has been held hostage in Syria for the past five years. On the eve of Austin’s 36th birthday and the fifth anniversary of his disappearance, we talked to his mother, Debra Tice.
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The Law That Holds Up the Internet as We Know It

An op-ed discusses why it’s so important that we don’t hold Internet platforms liable for content posted by their users.
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