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Proposed California Bill Would End “Free Speech Zones”

Middlebury College

If it passes, public universities in California would no longer be able to limit free assembly to designated zones of their campuses.
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First Amendment Center’s David L. Hudson, Jr. releases new book on free speech

What defines “freedom of speech”—in public schools; on the Internet? What constitutes libel? How have our rights regarding freedom of speech changed over the years? Find the answers to these questions and more in Documents Decoded: Freedom of Speech.
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Federal Appeals Court Reinstates Inmate’s First Amendment Retaliation Claims

The Third Circuit recognizes that prisoners do not forfeit all of their free-speech rights behind bars.
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First Amendment Doesn’t Protect Public Employees from All Facebook Posts

A recent Tennessee case shows that there are limits to free-speech protection for public employees who cross certain boundaries.
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Oklahoma student forced to remove a “Black Lives Matter” T-shirt he wore to school

Here’s why it’s likely that the school officials overstepped their bounds.
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Public Employees, Private Speech

First Amendment scholar David L. Hudson, Jr. explains how the First Amendment doesn’t always protect government workers.
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Controversial Speakers and the Problem of the Hecklers’ Veto

The First Amendment and the power of fear

A controversial speaker is invited to a public university to deliver a speech.  Many people exercise their free-speech rights to protest the selection of that speaker.  However, some of those
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To Tweet Or Not To Tweet

First Amendment Center legal intern Melemaikalani Moniz lays out what government employees can and can’t post on social media.
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When it comes to our freedoms, is a C+ grade good enough?

First Amendment Report Card

In a report card issued by the First Amendment Center of the Newseum Institute, the First Amendment gets a barely passing grade.
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Remembering Johnson v. Avery, the Jailhouse Lawyer Case

First Amendment scholar David L. Hudson, Jr. discusses the landmark Supreme Court case that allowed “jailhouse lawyers” to help other inmates with their legal pleadings.
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