First Amendment News

Podcast: Journalism in the Age of Trump

What’s it like running a newsroom today and covering an administration that’s often hostile towards journalists? Carrie Budoff Brown, editor of POLITICO, gives us the inside scoop.
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Podcast: When the Government Speaks

What do a Confederate flag license plate, a statue of the Ten Commandments, and a student painting depicting cops as pigs all have in common? They’re all examples of government speech.
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School Officials Receive Immunity from Lawsuit of Teacher Disciplined for Social Media Post


The Court of Appeals of Georgia decided that a superintendent and county board chairperson could not be defendants in a First Amendment lawsuit filed by a teacher suspended for making a controversial Facebook post.
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Podcast: Young Censors

Are today’s college students intolerant of free speech? In this episode, we talk to the Brookings Institute’s John Villasenor about the results of his recent survey.
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Federal Judge Invalidates Kentucky Law Barring Sex Offender Access to Social Media

Applying recent Supreme Court precedent, the judge found that the law violated the First Amendment.
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Do Restrictions on Clothing Donation Bins Violate the First Amendment?

The U.S. Supreme Court could decide whether city laws that target unattended charity drop-off bins violate the First Amendment, resolving a split between the 6th and 9th Circuits.
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No First Amendment Protection for Professor Who Spoke Out Against Cheating Students

A former adjunct community college professor has no First Amendment retaliation claim arising out of his speech about students cheating, the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled.
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Tempest in a Teapot, or Taking A Necessary Stand

Guest columnist Jack Kirschenbaum discusses Richard Spencer’s visit to the University of Florida–and what the proper response should be to events like this.
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Podcast: How Worried Should You Be About the First Amendment?

Speech Religion Newseum

Is the First Amendment really under attack, or is that just hyperbole? In this episode, we discuss our latest First Amendment report card and go over the actual threats facing our freedoms–and just how seriously we should be taking them.
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Podcast: Unprotected Speech


Most people know that free speech isn’t an unlimited right. But what exactly are its limits? In this episode, host Lata Nott walks through all of the types of speech the First Amendment doesn’t protect.
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