Let’s focus on real journalism — not so-called “fake news”

Trump at news conference

President Trump’s “Fake News Awards,” the latest stunt in his anti-press campaign, contribute to a lessening American commitment to a free press.
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The Newseum Institute Announces Leadership Appointments

Gene Policinski and Kristen Looney

Gene Policinski is named president of the Newseum Institute and Kristen Looney is named director of the Institute’s Religious Freedom Center.
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Survey Shows that Americans are Becoming Savvier News Consumers

Fake News

About 30% of Americans engage with the news every day of the week, and almost three out of four of all Americans do something to verify the news they receive, according to a new survey by the First Amendment Center of the Newseum Institute.
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‘Weakening’ libel laws is not the right tactic — for anyone

Fire and Fury

Instead, Trump and other beleaguered public officials should defend themselves using the tools that only powerful people enjoy — a platform and a following.
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The Lazy Person’s Guide to Being a Good Citizen

American flag

Here, the bare minimum we should all be doing to be fair-minded and well-informed citizens.
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Podcast: Beyond Belief

How do we live together as one nation of people with so many different religious faiths?  Kristen Looney of the Religious Freedom Center shares her insights.
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Two wrongs do not make a ‘right’ — but they can misuse one

"Rope Tree Journalist" T-shirt

Tricking journalists and joking about violence against them may be not against the law, but it’s still a misuse of our right to free expression.
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Trust, Media and Democracy in the Digital Age

Alberto Ibarguen

In a speech delivered at the Newseum, Knight Foundation President Alberto Ibargüen talks about how civic engagement and civil discourse are endangered by new technology, and what this means for democracy.
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Podcast: Journalism in the Age of Trump

What’s it like running a newsroom today and covering an administration that’s often hostile towards journalists? Carrie Budoff Brown, editor of POLITICO, gives us the inside scoop.
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For source of fake reporter ‘robocall,’ look under a rock


The fake robocall was a disgusting attempt to discredit reporters investigating the sexual misconduct allegations against Senate candidate Roy Moore.
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