Tickets to the Free Expression Awards Dinner On Sale Now

2017 Free Expression Awards

The second annual Free Expression Awards will honor those whose work defends and promotes free expression.
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At Long Last, the Stuff of Journalism

White House press corps

A free press is now in full-operating mode in the role that the nation’s founders intended: as a watchdog on government.
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Good News for the Future of the First Amendment

Knight Foundation survey tracks rise in American high school students’ support of First Amendment freedoms.
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Native journalist faces trespass, riot charges — in silence

Jenni Monet

Native American journalist Jenni Monet was arrested last week while covering protests over the Dakota Access Pipeline. Why aren’t more journalism institutions rallying in her support?
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Newseum and Newseum Institute Appoint New Trustees


Karen Appleton Page, R. David Edelman, Murray Garnick and Julie Henderson join the boards of trustees of the Newseum and Newseum Institute.
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“A shameful day”

On Jan. 27, International Holocaust Remembrance Day, President Donald Trump issued an executive order temporarily halting immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries, suspending the refugee program and permanently imposing a religious test for refugees going forward.
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Tim Cook Named Recipient of the Free Expression Award

Tim Cook

Cook to be honored at Free Expression Awards Dinner April 18 at the Newseum.
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Wrong. Good idea – if it works both ways. Missed the point

Even a key to the door of the White House is not a license to tell anyone, in a nation that so values free speech and free press rights, to “shut up” or to stop “talking smack.”
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Newseum Institute to Offer Graduate-Level Courses on Religious Freedom

Religious Freedom Center of the Newseum Institute and Claremont Lincoln University

The Institute’s Religious Freedom Center and Claremont Lincoln University partner on courses that will explore religious freedom in a pluralistic society.
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An Inaugural Day ‘open letter’ – to the rest of us

For those reveling today in Trump’s oath of office, take a moment to consider that the freedoms of speech and press which he seems to be targeting were in no small way vital to a campaign rooted in reaching out to those who felt marginalized, ignored or even betrayed by both major parties.
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