Mitch Gelman (Maria Bryk/Newseum)

Photo Credit: Maria Bryk/Newseum


  • News and technology
  • Virtual reality

Mitch Gelman

Chief technology officer

Mitch Gelman brings a range of journalism and technology experience to the Newseum. As a reporter at New York Newsday, he was part of a team that earned a Pulitzer Prize for spot news coverage, and  later served as editor-in-chief at and as senior vice president and senior executive producer at, helping those organizations grow their digital properties. Recently, he was vice president, product at Gannett Digital, managing online and mobile services for USA Today and Gannett’s local television and newspaper properties. Mitch led Gannett’s industry-leading work in virtual reality storytelling, which was recognized with the National Press Foundation’s inaugural award for Best Use of Technology in Journalism in 2016. He is co-author of “Viewing the Future? Virtual Reality in Journalism,” a Knight Foundation report; published “Crime Scene: On the streets with a rookie police reporter” while at New York Newsday; and has written six interactive children’s books on sports.



  • “Viewing the Future? Virtual Reality in Journalism” (Knight Foundation)
  • “Virtual Reality, Storytelling and News” (Newseum)