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Can your boss fire you because of your political views? Can a journalist publish stolen information? Can a university ban a controversial speaker? Learn the answers to these questions and more by listening to The First Five. Hosts Lata Nott and Gene Policinski talk to the experts and cut through the jargon to explain how the five freedoms of the First Amendment work, and what you can do to protect them.

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The First Five

Leave a message for The First Five podcast about your opinion on the recent firings at Google and CNN for controversial speech.
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Podcast: The Last American Reporter Held in Syria

Every day, journalists place themselves in peril to bring people the news. Austin Tice is a journalist who has been held hostage in Syria for the past five years. On the eve of Austin’s 36th birthday and the fifth anniversary of his disappearance, we talked to his mother, Debra Tice.
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Podcast: Access Denied

"Access Denied" Keyboard

In this episode, we talk to BuzzFeed lawyer Nabiha Syed about “freedom of information” laws, which allow journalists to find out what the government is up to.

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Podcast: Good Enough for Government Work

United States Capitol

On this First Five podcast episode, we take a closer look at when the First Amendment protects a government employee from being fired for his or her speech.
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Podcast: Hate Will Find A Way

On this episode of the First Five, we explore different approaches that social media platforms have used to deal with online hate speech.

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Podcast: The Band Who Must Not Be Named

The Slants

In this episode of The First Five we talk to Simon Tam, founder of Asian-American band “The Slants,” and his free speech case that went all the way to the Supreme Court.
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Podcast: Sincerely, Anonymous


In this episode of The First Five, ACLU attorney Esha Bhandari talks about representing the anonymous Twitter user behind a “rogue” Twitter account critical of the Trump administration.
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Podcast: Survey Says


The First Five launches with a discussion of the results of this year’s State of the First Amendment Survey.
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First Amendment Center Launches Podcast

The First Five

The First Five will focus on how the five freedoms of the First Amendment work–and what you can do to protect them.
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