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Survey: More Americans see less media bias — but why?


Our annual survey found a significant rise in the number of Americans who believe the media tries to report without bias. What’s behind this sudden surge in trust?
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Podcast: Hate Will Find A Way

On this episode of the First Five, we explore different approaches that social media platforms have used to deal with online hate speech.

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A Farewell to John Quinn

Family, friends, former colleagues and alumni of the Chips Quinn Scholars program gathered in Carolina, R.I., on July 15 to pay tribute to and say farewell to John C. Quinn.
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Belle Plaine, Minnesota Believes in Religious Freedom–But Maybe Not for Satanists

Inside the First Amendment

A town in Minnesota opens its park up as a free speech and religion zone.
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Is Hate Speech Violent By Nature?

Northeaster University Professor scientifically studies how hate speech is imminently violent no matter what words are used or the context it’s given.
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Full 4th Circuit Invalidates Legislator-Led Prayer, Could Lead to Supreme Court Review

The 4th and 5th Circuits disagree on whether legislator-led prayers before public meetings violate the Establishment Clause.
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Seattle’s New Public Campaign Funding Plan Meets Conservative Pushback

Seattle’s “Democracy Voucher” program aims to empower voters and encourage campaign participation. Despite initial success, it faces accusations that it violates freedoms of speech.
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Podcast: The Band Who Must Not Be Named

The Slants

In this episode of The First Five we talk to Simon Tam, founder of Asian-American band “The Slants,” and his free speech case that went all the way to the Supreme Court.
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Remembering John C. Quinn

John C. Quinn

The Newseum and the Newseum Institute mourn the loss of John C. Quinn, a distinguished journalist, former deputy chairman of the Freedom Forum, and co-founder of the Chips Quinn Scholars diversity in journalism program.
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Reflections from CQS Program Director Karen Catone

CQS Program Director Karen Catone shares her memories of John Quinn.
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