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Michelle Hedenskoog — The Wind Beneath Our Wings

Chips Quinn Scholars program director Karen Catone bids a fond farewell to Michelle Hedenskoog, an “unsung hero” who is retiring at the end of February after 17 years with the CQS program.
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Reflections: Honoring Michelle Hedenskoog as she steps down from the CQS program

Chips Quinn Scholars thank program coordinator Michelle Hedenskoog for her 17 years of invaluable service to the program.
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A summer of frustration and joy

Pablo De La Hoya (2017) describes the dual nature of his summer internship experience.
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Podcast: The First Amendment and Symbolic Speech

NFL players take a knee

Expressive acts, like kneeling during the national anthem or burning the American flag, are considered “symbolic speech” — but are they protected under the First Amendment?
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No Immunity for Sheriff Who Fired His Deputy After Election

A Washington County, Nebraska, sheriff who terminated a deputy sheriff who ran against him in a political campaign is not entitled to qualified immunity, a federal appeals court has ruled. The decision is significant, because it reaffirms the right of public employees to make statements as citizens on matters of public importance.
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Newseum Launches Initiative to Combat Sexual Misconduct in the Media

Power Shift Project

The initiative is based on solutions identified in a new report, which addresses workplace sexual misconduct as a real and urgent problem masked by silence and enabled by power imbalance.
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Protect journalists with the same laws that protect all of us

Journalists at a protest

It’s a common misconception that journalists enjoy greater freedoms than their fellow citizens. They don’t — they have the same rights as everyone else. The Journalist Protection Act would change that.
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A Chipster enjoys a birds-eye view of Sydney in the latest photo in the Where in the World Are Our Chipsters series.
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Is legislator-led prayer constitutional?

The Establishment Clause says that the government can’t establish a religion or favor one set of believes over another.  When local government officials open their meetings with prayers, are they
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Podcast: Drone Journalism


Mickey Osterreicher, lawyer for the National Press Photographers Association, discusses how regulations on drone photography can limit freedom of the press.
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