Inside the First Amendment

To uphold religious freedom in 2017, do small things with great love


Whatever the motives for standing up for others – religious faith, civic virtue or enlightened self interest – religious freedom only works when a right for one is a right for all.
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Standing Rock: Historic win for Native American religious freedom

Fibonacci Blue via flickr Creative Commons

In the long, ugly history of persecution, exploitation, broken treaties, unkept promises and adverse court decisions, the victory at Standing Rock is a rare win for Native American religious freedom.
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Free press future: Back to the “basics” in a new way


For those who constitute a free press, recognize that your strength and your appeal rest in representing those who support your work through subscriptions, fees or contributions.
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Religious freedom in the age of Trump

Clouds and Blue Sky

Faith in the American ideal of liberty and equality for all – a faith widely shared by Americans across faiths and ideologies – is the firewall that will ultimately protect our experiment in religious diversity and democratic freedom.
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We have assembled, petitioned, spoken and even prayed: So now vote!


Over nearly two years, the nation has been through an exhausting process of sorting through possible candidates, selecting nominees and now consider the final few — and lest we forget, for offices high and low, local and state and national.
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Threats of murder, injury are not ‘politics’ — nor patriotism


Patriotism does not involve threatening others with injury or death, no matter how dire you believe the results of voting on Nov. 8 will be for you or your fellow citizens.
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Two Ongoing Questions: What’s Fit for the Web? And, What Doesn’t ‘Fit’?

Michael Coté via flickr Creative Commons

Google, Facebook and their e-contemporaries, as private not government operations, are free to post, block or remove content as they will — on our behalf. Most cite “community standards” as reasons for impeding the free flow of information through their products and services.
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Sometimes, it would seem, artificial intelligence … isn’t


As we hurtle through the innovative and endlessly updated second decade of the 21 century, the prospects seem brighter and better than ever that our new web and social media tools will help us better communicate and more effectively confront serious challenges like terrorism.
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Genocide in Syria: Who lives, who dies, who cares?


The Syrian government targets and kills its own citizens based on their ethnic, religious or political background. According to international observers and reporters, the Bashar Assad regime conducts mass killings, murders civilians using barrel bombs and chemical weapons, destroys hospitals and blocks humanitarian aid.
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Join in the fireworks: The ones you watch or the ones around freedom

The 2016 State of the First Amendment

This year’s State of the First Amendment national survey (SOFA), conducted in partnership with USA TODAY, does more than just sample our attitudes about those five core freedoms – it also may show just how those freedoms can work.
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