free speech

Why protect speech we don’t want to hear? We need to hear it

Even speech that “inflicts great pain” is protected under the First Amendment, as recent Supreme Court decisions have shown.
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Why Social Media Keeps Failing Us

Social media may never strike the right balance between free expression and safety, decency and truth.
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Students Have an “Alternate Understanding” of the First Amendment

Threats to Campus Free Speech

Newseum President and CEO Jeffrey Herbst argues that students increasingly believe in the “right to non-offensive speech.”
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To Tweet Or Not To Tweet

First Amendment Center legal intern Melemaikalani Moniz lays out what government employees can and can’t post on social media.
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When it comes to our freedoms, is a C+ grade good enough?

First Amendment Report Card

In a report card issued by the First Amendment Center of the Newseum Institute, the First Amendment gets a barely passing grade.
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Free Speech Isn’t Always Valuable. That’s Not the Point.

Speech Religion Newseum

We shouldn’t think about free expression in terms of value. What’s important is that free expression rights are indivisible.
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Justice Sotomayor Expresses Concern Over Court’s True Threat Jurisprudence

What level of intent makes someone’s words a true threat? She thinks the Supreme Court should clarify.
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Federal Appeals Court: Artistic Expression Can’t Be Used to Punish Defendant

The court held that a defendant’s musical lyrics, which referenced violence and drugs, could not be used as objective evidence of his motive for unlawfully possessing a machine gun.
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Sexually Explicit Picture Not Fighting Words, Rules Colorado Appeals Court

The court found that a 14-year-old did not commit disorderly conduct because the explicit picture he drew was protected by the First Amendment.
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First Amendment Freedoms Need “Breathing Space”

First Amendment Scholar David L. Hudson discusses the concept of protecting questionable speech in order to provide “breathing space” for other expression.
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