Why are Doctors Pushing for more Legalized Drugs in 2022

When it comes to certain drugs, almost every country in the world considers the use of those drugs a criminal offense. For decades people have been in and out of prison due to drug use and general addiction and it is predicted that over half of the people serving sentences in the UK are there due to drug-related crimes.  

For the most part, it is understandable as to why so many drugs have been criminalized. Many of the drugs that are available to buy are extremely dangerous and even more so addictive. However, no matter what the drug is, people do not believe that drugs should be criminalized at all. It is hard to disagree that drugs and addiction are a medical issue and for this reason, it is generally believed that the laws surrounding drugs should be decided by medical professionals.  

It is important to remember that just about every drug that has been created is considered illegal, depending on what country you live in. However, not every drug has the same penalty for usage, and to determine the punishment you will get for using each drug, they fall under certain classes. In the UK, the classes descend from A-C, with A being the most dangerous and addictive drug.  

When asked, a lot of doctors believe that not every drug should be considered to be illegal. There are various reasons as to why they think this and this article will delve into some of the reasons why doctors are pushing for more legalized drugs in 2022. 

Some drugs really are not dangerous  

If you look into all of the classifications of drugs, you will find some that aren’t even dangerous to the human body. The best example of this being the case is with marijuana. Marijuana is classified as a class B drug, even though it is not possible to overdose when using marijuana, and marijuana itself is not addictive.  

Even naturally occurring drugs like magic mushrooms and other psychedelic drugs are illegal, even though they are not chemically manufactured, which some people find to be extremely confusing.  

A lot of the drugs that are illegal have medical benefits  

A lot of the drugs that are considered to be illegal actually have a lot of medical benefits. This is one of the main reasons why so many doctors believe that some drugs should be legalized, as it will be a natural alternative to a lot of drugs that are already prescribed to people. 

Again, marijuana continues to be the perfect example of a drug with a lot of medical benefits that are still illegal. Around the world, more and more countries are legalizing marijuana. However, for the most part, it is still considered to be a crime to use or sell marijuana. What is even more confusing is that a lot of the countries that have marijuana set as an illegal drug also give medical allowances for use to those who need it. Being able to access these medical cards in order to be able to use marijuana is a lengthy process that often requires several appointments with doctors, which doctors find to be a waste of time when the drug could just be legalized already.  

Marijuana and a lot of other naturally occurring psychoactive drugs have actually been known to have a lot of positive effects. For example, marijuana has been known to have pain-relieving properties, which is why it has been recommended to use with chronic pain conditions and other pain issues in general.   

As well as having physical benefits, marijuana can also be used to deal with a number of mental issues such as anxiety and stress. Marijuana influences the receptors that are linked to mood and therefore have been linked to improving moods and relieving stress 

Doctors believe that it is entirely unreasonable for something that has so many medical benefits and so few negative side effects to be illegal, but that isn’t the only reason that they believe that drugs should be legalized.  

Easier access for patients 

Something that may seem astounding to you is the fact that it is actually a very lengthy process for medical facilities to be able to access some of the medicines that they distribute to patients. This is because the medications have to be manufactured, which can take some time depending on what medication it is.  Then once the medication is distributed to the medical facilities, it is then quickly used by patients.  

It can be frustrating for a lot of medical facilities that constantly struggle to keep certain medications stocked, especially when there are better alternatives that can be taken and purchased personally by the patient.  


Drug legalization rules are outdated  

When it comes to legislation related to drugs, something that can be said is that a lot of the rules that are now in place are extremely outdated.  A good example of this is the laws concerning steroids.  In previous years, steroids have been known to be dangerous and for that reason, they were made illegal.  

Now after years of research and the introduction of companies that actually care about their customers and safe distribution, there have been a number of steroid companies that have started to make safe to use steroids for athletes and aspiring sportsmen. There are plenty of businesses online that create safe to use steroids, these are legal steroids you can get access to very easily, but due to pre-existing laws, it can be difficult for these companies to be able to distribute their products easily.  

Keeping these drugs illegal to a certain extent also creates a negative image for these drugs. So even if a steroid company produces perfectly safe drugs, people may be reluctant to trust them which can be very detrimental to the success of a legally operating business.  

Doctors agree as many doctors use steroids as a way to combat a number of physical conditions such as paralysis or joint problems. Changing the laws around steroids will also mean that steroids will be easier to access in the medical centre as far more companies will look into creating them.  


The most important reason that doctors are pushing for drugs to be legalized is for monetary reasons. It costs the NHS a lot of money to produce the medication that they prescribe to their patients and this money really takes a chunk out of the yearly budget.  

A lot of the medications that they prescribe can actually be substituted for other drugs, like marijuana. Being able to recommend these substitutions which patients can acquire themselves will save the medical sector a lot of money that can be reinvested into medical equipment or even programs. 


Helping addicts 

Another big reason that doctors want drugs to be legalized is so that they can give people suffering from addiction the help that they need. A lot of people who struggle with addiction usually end up in and out of prison, which means that they are unable to get all of the help that they need. By making it so that these people are not legally prosecuted, doctors will then be able to work on dealing with addiction as a medical issue.  


A Look Back at How the Digital Revolution Has Changed the World

The move to more advanced technology has been quite sudden, when you compare the rate of development that is occurring today in comparison to what it was like ten years ago the rate is significantly more rapid in growth. From the development of the first mobile phones to the first working computer the technology industry has undergone a huge development over the years with computers and phones only growing in how advanced they are and the functions that they have.  

Technology has changed the world in many ways and I think it would be safe to say that almost every industry nationwide uses some form of technology within their everyday trading. Another notable way that technology was developed would have to be when the first social media platforms game out. With the creation of smartphones, there was a huge boost in popularity with top social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter being some of the most used mobile applications worldwide. The fact that a lot of business and marketing now takes place in an entirely online format just shows how far social media has been taken in terms of its uses in everyday life. 


Early Computers

The first commercial device to be considered a personal computer was released in 1971, it was very different from what we have access to nowadays but was capable of basic document processing and data storage for use by the everyday person. There were some examples of technology that could be considered a computer before this time but this was the first example to be available for purchase by the public, and it is considered to be the first example of technology that resembles what is used today. 

The early computers were much larger than what we have access to today, especially when you consider the slim and compact size of the majority of laptops that are on the market nowadays, the transformation and miniaturization of computer technology is staggering especially when you think about how small the growth period is with all of this taking place in very few years time. The range of functions that standard computers now have is just as staggering with the first computers being able to complete a fraction of the processes that are available on today’s devices. 


 I would argue that the entertainment industry is one of the most heavily influenced industries by technology and the huge rate of development that has occurred over the last few years when you think back to the sources of entertainment and film or television platforms that you used a few years ago in comparison to what is used now it is likely to be very different. Movies were watched in the cinema and television was watched using an aerial and television box, nowadays people are paying monthly for access to huge libraries filled with a variety of content for hours of entertainment.  

Another huge way that the development of technology has affected the entertainment industry is the sourcing of free content by torrenting online, this opens up a whole range of new entertainment options that can be accessed without having to pay a monthly fee. If you are going to be using this method then there are some key things to remember such as, having the top VPNs if you torrent to help speed up download times and ensure you are using the most trusted links.  

The Switch to Smart Phones

 Much like how laptops and computers have undergone a huge amount of development over the years the same could be said about the switch from more outdated models to smartphones. In the early months of 2010, we saw the first smartphones being released to the world, these compact devices packed a huge punch in terms of their performance and functionality to suit the everyday individual who led a busy lifestyle on the go. Smartphones were designed to be portable computers with internet connection capabilities and mobile applications for many different companies who are trying to branch out into the world of technology that is growing so strongly in popularity.  

The world has changed significantly due to the fact that the majority of people around the world are basically carrying around miniature computers with them everywhere they go. You can use your smartphone to pay for things, to control, your home appliances such as your heating and lighting, and most phones are equipped with high-quality cameras that rival that of professional standard photography equipment. Ten years ago the world looked very different and people were only just introduced to this kind of technology. In the present day, the scale of some of the phones that are available for purchase is so advanced people are finding that they are using their less portable computers less and less.  

Social Media

As previously mentioned, social media would have to be one of the biggest technology developments that have had a gauge effect n how things work as a society, many different processes have been able to move to an online platform solely because of the new communication options that have been made available on social media and the huge platform for worldwide connectivity that it has provided. Most social media platforms are free to use and offer up the opportunity to connect with people all over the world no matter who you are.  

Is the EU Looking to Eliminate Internet Privacy

It’s hard to deny that as a society we have not become completely dependent on our access to the internet. For some, it’s hard and even impossible to imagine a world where we couldn’t just access the internet whenever we needed it.

The internet has introduced lots of spectacular things to our lives and has completely revolutionized the way in which we do even the most basic things, like shopping or contacting our loved ones. The internet has also created an entirely new culture, as well as forming a long list of occupations that some of us may never have imagined being a viable career choice.

With all of the good that the internet brings to the world, it also carries a lot of negative things. For example, the internet has been utilized in ways that it was never intended to, which is to carry out the crime. On top of this, a new culture of trolls and internet harassment have surfaced over the last few decades, meaning the internet can sometimes be a very toxic place.

Due to all of the negative things that can occur on the internet and the dangers that are now associated with using the internet, a rumor has surfaced that the EU is looking to eliminate internet privacy. But what exactly does that mean and is it going to really happen?


What does eliminating your privacy mean

For the most part, you can remain entirely anonymous and unless you have committed a crime that would require the police to review your online activity, then nobody but your internet provider will know what you have been searching for and how you like to spend your time online.

Now, when it comes to eliminating your internet privacy, there is a misconception that this will mean that all of your internet activity will be available for all to see whenever they feel like it. However, this really isn’t the case. If the elimination of internet privacy was to go ahead, the only people that would have access to your internet history and your internet activity would be the government, your broadband provider, and your authorities if needed.


What would they have access to?

One of the reasons why the idea of abolishing internet privacy is so controversial is due to what the government would gain access to. They would essentially have all of your personal data, which means they will know exactly what pages you have visited, who you are speaking to online, what videos you have been watching, and even your information from purchasing items online.

Many fear that with access to all of these things, the government will use the data negatively or even sell certain aspects of your data to bigger companies, like your phone number or even your emails. If you think that this seems unrealistic, think back to how many random cold calls you have received in the last year or so, these companies don’t just make a guess at the numbers that they are calling.


The advancement of technology

Something that a lot of people worry about is that the advancement of the technology that we have come to love may actually be more so detrimental to us if we lose our internet privacy. Gadgets have really evolved over the last decade or so and in that time we have been introduced to brand new technologies. For example, to access a lot of our devices and even our online accounts via apps, you can now use fingerprints. In order for this to work, the system has to keep a record of your fingerprint, which is stored in a database.

A lot of the technology that we now use also uses voice activation. So think of your technology such as Alexas and Google Homes. A lot of these bits of tech can be set up so that they only respond to your voice and your specific way of talking, which once again is all stored on a database. People are worried that this will be able to be accessed by others, which can be used in a wider variety of ways and can be especially disheartening for people who choose to live off the general system.


Is it likely to happen?

As of right now, it doesn’t look like the EU is going to fulfill its threat of eliminating internet privacy. Though there has been much debate about it, along with many people believing that it should be carried out, there is currently a belief that taking away your internet privacy would be neglecting some of our basic human rights. However, it does look as though if a reason for the EU to be able to do it pops up, then it will, unfortunately, be carried out and put into action.


Are you worried about your current privacy?

Now that you know that your internet provider has access to all of your personal data, then you may be worried about what this means for your internet privacy. Now not every internet provider has the same policy when it comes to protecting your data, but in general, you should be continuously reviewing your broadband provider anyway to see if there have been any policy changes. On top of this, you should be looking in order to save yourself some cash on deals, you can compare broadband deals on this page to check whether or not you are getting the best possible deal.

Has Vaping Actually Reduced the Number of Smokers?

Vaping was produced with the primary function to offer an alternative and healthier option to smoking as well as helping smokers to quit altogether however, in recent years it has been questioned as to whether or not vaping has actually reduced the number of smokers or not. Nowadays we see many people who have never smoked before using vapes which raises the question of whether vaping has been glamorized and actual smokers do not use vaping as a means to cut down or quit at all.

Vaping is considered safer as it removes some of the damaging chemicals that are used within cigarettes and delivers nicotine through water vapor, due to the reduction of harmful substances within the nicotine products vaping is considered by many a safer alternative that can help wean smokers off smoking altogether. However, with many smokers admitting that they tried vaping but found themselves back on cigarettes pretty quickly it may not be as effective as what was once considered. The vaping industry as a whole has definitely reduced the number of smokers but it would be naive to think that it is just those who were previously cigarette smokers who use vapes, vaping itself has become quite harmful as we are seeing more and more people starting out on an electric cigarette which could lead to real smoking in the future.


Is Vaping Really Effective?

The great thing about vaping is that it can be customized to suit your needs, with different nicotine levels and flavors to suit any taste you can definitely find a great smoking alternative. However the question of whether vaping is a useful tool in quitting smoking is another thing, many smokers say that they find it hard to come off nicotine products by using a vape alone and that in moments where they feel the need to smoke they would turn back to regular cigarettes if vaping is only providing temporary release from nicotine carvings then it is arguable not very effective.

But as I previously mentioned vaping can be personalized so with this in mind it could be taken even further in terms of the strength of the liquids available to help reduce any nicotine cravings that may be experienced. In legal states and as long as you are of legal age you may find that using other products that may be a bit stronger is more effective, for example, THC and CBD vaping products that have recently been produced. If you are looking for more information on this topic then I would urge you to check out a full guide to vaping with the delta 8 strain of thc, for useful information on getting started with vaping THC products.



The biggest pro to vaping would have to be the fact that it is significantly less harmful than traditional cigarettes, it can be personalized to suit your own taste and needs and when used properly can seriously reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke and in some cases allow you to quit completely.


Although vaping is considered to be healthier than normal cigarettes there are some negative sides, vaping is not an exclusive solution with many smokers admitting to relapsing back to normal cigarettes in times where they had a large craving, which would mean that vaping isn’t actually as effective as we once thought

There is also the issue that vaping has been glamourized within our society with many young people turning to vape as a popular trend, using any nicotine product can lead to smoking so there is a real case for vaping leading to traditional cigarettes which I would say is a definite negative.