A New Study Suggests That Health Supplement Sales are Skyrocketing

Right now we don’t have access to all of the things that we used to, like the gym and general outdoor exercise. We have all been asked by our government to try and stay in as much as possible and for those of us that have listened, this has meant that we have fallen out of shape. We are also in a time where we have very little to do aside from obsessing over our bodies, which means that we have all noticed that we are falling out of shape.

Not only have our bodies started to make noticeable changes but our general moods and attitudes have taken a decline. There is no wonder, as we have had very little exposure to the sun and very little contact with our loved ones, which means we are missing out on all of the hormones that make us feel good.

This has not gone unnoticed and studies show that the sale of health supplements has started to skyrocket over the last year, but why is this happening?


General wellbeing

As stated, we don’t all feel ourselves these days. These are scary times and with this, there has been an increase in people who are reportedly feeling anxious and low. With the inability to spend time with the people who mean the most to us, there have been few ways for people to be able to distract from their negative feelings. Due to the current state of the health system, it is also increasingly more difficult to get appointments with doctors to discuss these problems. Even if people can get appointments, doctors aren’t spending as much time looking into diagnoses. This means that a lot of people are being given medications as opposed to actual solutions.

A lot of people do not want to use prescribed medications due to their many side effects, because of this, people are looking into alternative medicines. This is why health supplements have become so popular at the moment. Health supplements offer a lot of the natural vitamins that occur naturally in the body, which can help to elevate moods and energy. One of the more popular supplements that people have been looking into is the best curcumin supplement, which promises to help with both physical and mental ailments.



Another reason that health supplements are skyrocketing on the market is extensive advertising. We have all been spending more time on social media recently. This is because we have very little to do in our spare time and because social media is a good place to get news updates. There has been a push in the advertisement of health supplements to improve people’s health. With these advertisements being everywhere, there is no wonder why so many people are finally taking the leap and seeing if they work. In most cases, people have reported positive results from health supplements. However, there are a lot of companies out there that are trying to cash out on the trend, so be careful with what you purchase.

Has Vaping Actually Reduced the Number of Smokers?

Vaping was produced with the primary function to offer an alternative and healthier option to smoking as well as helping smokers to quit altogether however, in recent years it has been questioned as to whether or not vaping has actually reduced the number of smokers or not. Nowadays we see many people who have never smoked before using vapes which raises the question of whether vaping has been glamorized and actual smokers do not use vaping as a means to cut down or quit at all.

Vaping is considered safer as it removes some of the damaging chemicals that are used within cigarettes and delivers nicotine through water vapor, due to the reduction of harmful substances within the nicotine products vaping is considered by many a safer alternative that can help wean smokers off smoking altogether. However, with many smokers admitting that they tried vaping but found themselves back on cigarettes pretty quickly it may not be as effective as what was once considered. The vaping industry as a whole has definitely reduced the number of smokers but it would be naive to think that it is just those who were previously cigarette smokers who use vapes, vaping itself has become quite harmful as we are seeing more and more people starting out on an electric cigarette which could lead to real smoking in the future.


Is Vaping Really Effective?

The great thing about vaping is that it can be customized to suit your needs, with different nicotine levels and flavors to suit any taste you can definitely find a great smoking alternative. However the question of whether vaping is a useful tool in quitting smoking is another thing, many smokers say that they find it hard to come off nicotine products by using a vape alone and that in moments where they feel the need to smoke they would turn back to regular cigarettes if vaping is only providing temporary release from nicotine carvings then it is arguable not very effective.

But as I previously mentioned vaping can be personalized so with this in mind it could be taken even further in terms of the strength of the liquids available to help reduce any nicotine cravings that may be experienced. In legal states and as long as you are of legal age you may find that using other products that may be a bit stronger is more effective, for example, THC and CBD vaping products that have recently been produced. If you are looking for more information on this topic then I would urge you to check out a full guide to vaping with the delta 8 strain of thc, for useful information on getting started with vaping THC products.



The biggest pro to vaping would have to be the fact that it is significantly less harmful than traditional cigarettes, it can be personalized to suit your own taste and needs and when used properly can seriously reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke and in some cases allow you to quit completely.


Although vaping is considered to be healthier than normal cigarettes there are some negative sides, vaping is not an exclusive solution with many smokers admitting to relapsing back to normal cigarettes in times where they had a large craving, which would mean that vaping isn’t actually as effective as we once thought

There is also the issue that vaping has been glamourized within our society with many young people turning to vape as a popular trend, using any nicotine product can lead to smoking so there is a real case for vaping leading to traditional cigarettes which I would say is a definite negative.