Is It True That Freedom Of Expression Is Going Low? Why Is It Important To Have Right To Express?

We all know that freedom of expression is one right that gives form to the other rights. Without this right is will not be possible for anyone to be confident to express their feelings and fight for anything. There is new research, and they are urging the government to take steps for this. It is because freedom of expression has gone to the extent of a ten-year-low.

The reason for ten years low in freedom of expression is the factors affecting this right. There are some factors and here, let’s talk about them:

  • Administrative harassment & barriers

There is a fair chance that a media channel and source can be shut if the information provided is not in favor of the party. The public needs to know the aspects that are going on, and the press is the only way to give shape to that. It is not possible if there is no media press or outlet to provide the information.

The license to print and broadcast the news is basically shut down. It happens when the media outlets don’t go according to the other parties’ content warnings or government. Sending these warnings is the prior base of people to get the press to be silenced normally. But when there is no action on the warning, it can lead to bad circumstances too.

  • Anonymity online

These days, people are connected by their devices, and they can be able to contact anyone. With the advancement in technology, they are getting many opportunities that can help the public. But with the help of technology, there are measures to check the place of the post and at what time. Many people from the press try to be anonymous with the information they are sourcing. But when the news comes out, the affected party makes a lot of efforts to shut down that specific source’s efforts.

But if the journalists are bringing up with their rights and are given proper anonymity, they can stay safe and give honest reviews.

  • Criminalization of speech

 Many journalists face the fines and charges of defaming a person and their reputation. Even if the statement is correct and doesn’t come under the law, they face criminalization if libel. The law makes them fall behind bars, and they face a lot of defaming on their name and families too. It is making the fear rise, and the right to express it is falling low.

  • Internet regulation offenses and cybercrime

Even if the internet is developing a platform for many people, it is certainly something that has got people being dependent. When there is a need to search for something, it is the internet that we confide in. the main reason for searching on the internet is that it is on the internet as soon as something happens. It is also leading to cybercrime and a lot of offenses.

People blog on the internet, and other readers get the opportunity to comment on it and tell them their feedback. When people are abusing others, they don’t think of it as a cybercrime. And journalists always experience these things. They get under the impression that they have threats on their lives. So to stay away from the abuses and threats, they never speak in favor of the truth.

  • Fabricated charges

Sometimes, these journalists never face problems with what they are saying for a party. But to be on the safe side, the government makes up the charges, and then these journalists can face trumped up charges. These can ruin their career and the authenticity of their work and their word too.

It won’t shock, but journalists often get arrested and detained for what they are doing. It is truth, and no one can deny that being in favor of truth is not easy and going on is the most difficult task.

  • Forced disclosure of source that is providing information

It is the most common threat that they face. Everyone knows that journalists never work alone, they always have some anonymous sources, and it is up to them to keep these safe. When there is any news that is a shock to the concerned party, they want to know who leaked their information. So this always leads to the issue with journalists and asking who is the source.

Protecting the source is essential because that can lead to the low quality of news in the future. It can also lead to a lot of worst situations for the journalist and the source. No one wants to get into such conditions, so the freedom to express is falling low to the rate.

  • Internet shutdowns

Often, when the news is about to go out, the internet goes off, and there is no delivery to the citizens of the country. There are chances that the government can block a person from the internet or using it. But there are different solutions to that, and so they shut it.

It will be impossible for the outlets to outsource or broadcast the news to people. When citizens cannot get access to the information, it will be of no use, and time will pass.

  • Physical harassment and torture

It is used by the state or even non-state to silence the rising journalists. When the news is not in their favor, and they want to shut the press up, they can go to any extent to stop it. It can make the reporters stop reporting the news, and it will also cause fear among citizens to say anything about it.

Harassing someone is a crime, but when this happens, no one comes up to report the crime, and the criminals roam freely after this.


 Not only can some factors stop a journalist from being truthful to the fact of the news. But these threats can surely affect their quality. It takes a lot of courage to become a journalist and to be able to source information from the people. It will be a better world with the freedom of expression and information, so there have to be proper measures.

Is It Crucial To Have Freedom Of Expression And Information For A Country?

Having fundamental rights allows a person to hope and have confidence in what they are doing. Media plays a significant role in providing information to the citizens and making them aware of all the issues. For the proper functioning of a society or a country, people must know about their rights and how they can live a better life with its help.

Not all citizens are aware of the rights, and it is because of a lack of education and knowledge. Most of the people who never get to raise their voice in front of people are low caste. It is a social issue, and we can say that these fundamental rights are a way to help people out of these social issues. Social issues arise due to the factors, and the primary one of them is lack of knowledge and exposure.

What is freedom of expression?

Freedom of expression is the right where a person can express their feelings, situations, and fight for the ill-treatment they are getting. It isn’t just based on an individual; and it is for a group too. People can confide in each other, and when they find out that they are going through the same issue, they figure they are not alone. To express their ideas, thoughts, and emotions in front of people, they need a platform and make their own platforms.

To make people aware of their issues, they take help from journalists and news channels. In the process of democracy, freedom of expression is the core aspect of getting the positive output. It can ensure a lot of things amongst people. It will be possible for people to discuss, debate, and exchange their ideas about a certain aspect. This will ensure that people are getting aware of it, and it is allowing them to say what they want to.

Importance of freedom of expression:

  • It is the foundation of many other rights: When people will express their feelings and emotions about whatever is making them uncomfortable, they will be able to use others. It is the reason freedom of expression is a fundamental right, and everyone needs to be able to use this.
  • A free press will help the public: Free press will make sure that all the information is honest, and there is no type of problems while giving out the news. People are afraid to tell the exact news, but it will be easy and convenient with this right.
  • Informed citizens will lead to better democracy: People who know are better at making a logical solution to the issue. But when the citizens are not aware of the actual things, it will not be easy for them to make a decision about who is giving the best and who is lying. It will also lead to better voting ways because people will need proof.
  • No restraining of reports: People are afraid to report about something, which will not help in the long run. When there is a right to expression, it will ensure that there is no restraining of the reports that people want to make.
  • No issues of marginalization and minorities: Right to expression will give advancement to equality. Every citizen is allowed to use their rights in equal ways. There is no biasness, and no law states that minorities or marginalized societies will be exempted from their rights. It will improve their situation and will get a better way of living in these societies.
  • Protection to more than just press: People who make their point using comedy, art, or anything else also need the right to express themselves. Sometimes when these comedians or theatre people point to other people, they get into problems. But there has to be a proper law that it is their perspective, and they have the right to say it out loud.

What is freedom of information?

Freedom of getting information is a right that everyone should have. These public bodies have been hiding the information from the citizens, yes some of it is confidential, and we get the reason. But in many situations, people don’t get the answers they are looking for, and it is not a good point. Getting the information is integral for every person, and it should be adopted globally.

The goal of the public bodies doesn’t have to be secretive but to be transparent. It will help them gain trust and reputation among people, leading to many positive prospects. The principle is to achieve better measures for the country and to provide better opportunities to citizens.

Importance of right to information:

  • Request any information: People must be given the authority to ask for the information. Public bodies will have to give them the information they are asking for, and they don’t need to use any other measures to silence them.
  • Get the proper information of documents: People often get under scams because they have no authority to ask about the specific measure’s documents. It can lead to disappointments and many arising problems. But with the help of the right to information, they will be authorized to ask for what they want to know.
  • Inspect the progress of work: Many facilities ask for money and donations from the citizens. It is not a blame on the government, but it is a courtesy that they must notify how their money is being used. It will only help in gaining the trust of the public and making a good impression.
  • Get samples and materials of work: Before the work is starting, they must get to know about the samples and materials. So they will know their money is getting the worth it needs to be given.

The bottom lines,

Freedom of expression and information goes hand in hand as they are the topmost and leading rights that will help the public get what they deserve. It is not just about the general categories; with the help of the press, they can provide information to the communities and societies that don’t get much importance.  

Press Freedom – Does Coronavirus Put It on the Endangered List?

You all might be aware of today’s pandemic situation due to coronavirus as it leads people to huge dangers and deaths. It makes people suffer such a bad time and also made them feel stressed-out as this virus is very risky and dangerous. Most people don’t know how to deal with this virus but only know how to keep masks and sanitizers. It is a must for all the people to know about various aspects of this virus to deal with various situations that occur.

Many people are afraid of this virus as it has so many side effects and dangers, but some people live their lives as usual. It shows that today’s people have learned how to live in this pandemic situation and how to deal with this virus. Some people believe that if they keep on fearing this virus, it will lead them to huge risks and troubles. If people pay attention to all the various aspects related to the coronavirus, it will help them have a safe life with proper safety and security.

The people who want to learn about this virus and the press’s role in this situation can stay connected and consider the below details. It will help you to learn about the various aspects of the coronavirus and other aspects that can help you to have a great future with some more knowledge about it.

Some Lights of Press Freedom for Coronavirus Updates

Coronavirus has surprise stress to the people who are new to it, and when this virus came into contact with this virus, they feel so depressed and weak. Many democratic principles are under huge pressure that makes them have respect for Press Freedom. It is one of the pillars of free societies that erode the economy and help people grab the latest updates about this virus. Once the people get to know about this virus as daily updates, it will help you greatly impact your life and health.

In some parts of this entire world, the various ways of information threaten to become a major victim of this virus which made a large number of population to death. If people do not pay attention to this virus, it will greatly impact your future and other aspects. Usually, people don’t know much about this virus due to which Press Freedom gets such great respect with lots of understandings and importance. The governments of various states and countries are doing many things to keep the people away from this virus.

The people and government of various states are trying their best to connect with the Press Freedom of expression so that people won’t face any major trouble. Many countries are doing their best to deal with this virus and also helps in managing the crisis as soon as possible. Once this virus gets settled, the people and the entire world can live a safe and healthy life. The Committee to Protect Journalism’s executive director discussed that this could badly damage the democratic model, and it will be hard to build it again.

The government of various countries and states are very stressed about their country’s people’s health and are trying their best to support their nation. Many people are not much aware of his virus properly due to which they get in contact with it and get a bad impact on their lives. Some people have the power to fight this virus, but some not, as the entire fighting skills are on your stamina. If people don’t have good stamina or immunity system, they can’t bear the side effects of this virus and lead to death.

When this virus came into the nation, no one is much aware of it, not the doctors, but doctors showed up a good chance as time passes. It also helped the Press Freedom get the best respect with no risks and troubles involved and allow them to have a great future ahead. Press Freedom helped people so much as it made people learn about the various aspects of coronavirus and made them get a great future. If people stay connected with all the updates, it will greatly impact their lives and health.

Press Freedom helped people a lot as it made them learn about the various aspects that can help them fight against this virus and help them stay safe. Coronavirus has made such a huge impact on people’s lives that it made them stay full of fear as in the starting they don’t even have the guts to go out of their homes. But in getting freedom from the fear of this virus, Press Freedom has helped a lot and made people have a safe future. Press helps people get daily news and helps them know about the antidotes for it.

Most shocking updates and developments take place in various parts of the world and make people suffer the worst impact of this virus. The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, has requested a directive form of news to help people know about this virus well. Many people are thankful to Press Freedom as it helped them a lot and makes them grab the best result with a proper understanding of this virus and its side effects. Press has helped people a lot so try to be respectful and thankful to it for providing all the daily updates.


When you complete reading the points, it will help you learn about the importance of Press Freedom and help you know whether it is on the endangered list. It will help you learn about the coronavirus’s various aspects and how to grab all the daily updates for it. Once you learn about this virus well, then you can easily deal with it and handle the situation by trying your best. Try to stay focused on all the above points as it will help you have a safe and secure future with a proper understanding of all the daily updates.

Free Press Worldwide – Is It Under Threat?

Freedom of the press is something that the citizens rely on. It is the only way to get knowledge of what is happening in the world and in an unbiased way. But can we trust them now? There is much news that the journalists were shot dead, and they get death threats. And this gives us a fair chance to think that they can be biased just to save their lives.

Through various types of media, journalists source the news and provide it to us. We don’t know the source, but we can trust them and hear out what they are saying. To define freedom of the press, we can say that the government provides them the right to say and print what they want. This way, they will provide the best they can, and the citizens will know the actual things that are going on.

What is the press, and why do people rely on them?

Journalists make sure that they reach the depth of the news, and then they make a whole story out of it. Ask yourself how do you get to know about the things going on? It is through the media and its forms. There are many forms of media, and they are newspapers, radio, TV, magazines, and social media comes under this category too.

People rely on them because they are the only source that will provide the information.  Every company issues their newsletter, but it is impossible to know everything about them with the help of that. It is because they will only provide what is best for them and what makes them look good. It is not what citizens desire; they want to get honest news, which is possible through the press or media. Freedom of the press gives the people a right to know the truth and give their perspective on it.

Things that are affecting the freedom of the press

When we consider that future journalism is under threat and there are chances that people won’t get what they think they would. It is because of the factors affecting the authenticity of the news and not letting them get the truth out. A reason that we all know is covid-19 too. It has caused a lot of impact on the free press worldwide.

Here are the main factors that are affecting the free press worldwide,

Political pressure: The primary factor that makes the journalists step down and provide what the public bodies ask them to. It is not shocking that the press gets threats, and they have to work according to that. Most of the time, it depends on the person’s determination and how they are going to provide the information. Public bodies or representatives of these people can pressure the news channels not to give out the news.

Private policy of channel: It is possible for a proprietor of the news channel not to let the hired journalists show what they want to. It is possible because the owner is biased and wants to stay in the good books of the specific person whom the news is about. It can affect the reputation of the news channel, but they get out of the situation by providing just enough information. They try and be neutral, so they don’t get under the public’s pressure and the other party too.

Money mindedness of newspapers: Most of the time, newspapers also let out the info. They will only care about the money they are getting for providing the info. The news can be false and in favor of the party. They will not get on up to the information, but they will give out other statements to support their statements. The influence of advertising can create another type of environment and can cause more issues too.

Law of libel: the law of libel is based on the defaming of a person. If the statement is false and causing problems and making their reputation go down, that respective person can sue the owner of the media. Even though it is called invading the privacy of a certain person and giving information that is true and is causing an impact on the reputation doesn’t come under the law of libel. It affects the freedom of the press too. Often, the person will do anything to prove the information wrong and try to sue the channel. So it causes fear among people.

Benefits if the press will be free!

There are many benefits if the journalists will be free to give out the news without being afraid about it. Here are the benefits that can come up,

  • It will contribute to citizens’ knowledge: Citizens need to know what is going on and what is important for them to know. Most of the time, people don’t know what is going on around them, and because of that, they can get affected too. For example, if there were no media and people were not aware of Covid-19, this could have been a disaster. But it is media that made people aware of it and the crucial safety measures.
  • Improves the situations: With the help of awareness, it is easy to improve and solve the problem. When it is in front of the citizens, they try and figure out what they can do to help people. If there are suffering people, they will get help from others only with the help of the media.
  • Makes the people aware of their rights: Some people live in pain without any knowledge of their rights. When there is free worldwide press, it will be possible for people to take help from them and fight for what is bothering them for a long time.
  • Authentic news: Last but not least, people will get to know what is true. The news will be honest and get them to provide the perspective they want to have about it.

Finally, freedom of the press or media is sure under threat because the factors affecting it are powerful, and they are not letting the country grow. There is a need to apply measures to curb these factors to get to experience the benefits.

The Strategist – Press Freedom Under Attack Across Asia

In today’s time period, many people are afraid of coronavirus and many other bad elements that take place and are making people suffer huge risks and troubles. The people of various countries don’t know much about the various bad elements, but the press and media are the only ways to learn about them well. You might know that Press plays a major role and helps people learn about all those factors all around you.

Most people feel bad due to a lack of knowledge about something specific, which makes them face troubles and dangers. It is a must for all the people to know about various aspects of the things that are going on around them so that they can stay active and focused on them. If people do not get proper information about something serious, it can lead them to suffer huge troubles. But it is noted that Press Freedom in many parts of East Asia has made them face major trouble and leads them to suffer depressing erosion.

You can consider the following details if you want to know about the various aspects of Press Freedom and its troubles in East Asia. It will also allow you to have a great impact on your future and help you learn how to deal with this situation well.

Press Freedom Under Attack across Asia

Professional Journalism and the people who normally cover all the major aspects of the world must know about this attack well to have a safe and secure future ahead. Many people are not much aware of various aspects of the press, which makes them stay away from the dangers they face in East Asia. The people engaged in media have their operating license on which behalf they are doing all the stuff. It has proper rights to record and publish everything as it helps them to have proper security.

There are some media that are fake and running their business without any license or documentation, which makes people get fake news and make them get worried. But there are some major laws that every citizen of the country must know that the media can’t publish anything fake as they are legally registered. Journalists and bloggers try to provide all the latest and crucial news of the country that makes you get the best result with proper details and knowledge.

The information about the coronavirus pandemic has a great impact on the country, and the media is helping you to know all the updates. The countries that are increasingly weaponizing needs a proper settled Press Freedom so that the people who are all dependent upon news get some details about it. The dramatic rollback of media has a proper license to help people know about this concept well as it will allow you to have a great future. You should be focused on all the news provided by various Media as they help people greatly impact them.

Different Media and press can help you have a great future with proper details about those aspects that you don’t know. It is a must for multiple Media to help people learn about all those aspects that can have a bad or good impact on their lives. Once you understand the importance of media and press, you will also learn how they help you grab the best knowledge. Try to consider the news about the attack on media in East Asia so that you can learn how difficult their lives are and how they lead you to be safe.

Local Journalists are in their tasks for many decades and help you learn about various aspects that can help you have a great future with so much news. If you do not pay attention to local or outer media’s importance, it will lead you to suffer huge losses. Once the people will know how Press Freedom is essential for the nation and the people living there. It will help people have a great impact on all the people’s lives and make them experience the best result. Sometimes, journalists seem to be suspicious, but they have to look like that to catch more news.

Most Asian media was state-owned and helped its nation or state grab all the news related to them and help people stay active. Once the media of one particular nation can greatly impact their lives and allows them to be safe and secure. The major meaning of self-censorship is to avoid transgressions so that the state and the country can be safe and healthy. The restrictions and red-lines made by the governments of the particular state have to be active so that they can have a bright and knowledgeable future.

Earlier media don’t have much importance due to which it gets into some major dangers and leads people to attack them. But as time passes, media start gaining good respect and image in the entire world as it helps people a lot. When you pay attention to the Coronavirus pandemic situation, it will help you know about Press Freedom’s importance. It will also help you know how beneficial and crucial the media and press are for this entire world. But there are some countries in East Asia that attack the press with depressing effects.

Wrap It Up

After considering the above details, you can learn about the various aspects of East Asia’s attacks on the media and press depressingly. It will also help you have a great impact on your knowledge and future and allow you to be active. Once you understand the importance of Press Freedom, it will help you have some basic knowledge about the benefits and uses of media and the press. Try to stay focused on all the above details so that you can have a better understanding and proper info about all the aspects. If you do not pay attention to the above points, it will create problems for you, so try to be safe and focused.

Can Freedom Of Press And Expression Be A Deciding Factor To Your Business?

Business is an activity where a person invests some money to sell some goods or services to the people against which they will eventually earn more and more profits. Whenever you are buying some item from your offline or online store, you are eventually acting as the final consumer of the product. You are providing some sort of benefit to the proprietor. The small soap you are buying from your nearby store provides jobs to people and by which people can purchase bread for their house.

But do you think that doing business is as simple as your purchasing of the soap? If you think that this business goes in the same way, you are probably wrong, and it doesn’t work the same way. When you want your business to work efficiently and effectively, you will probably need to have many links with the people who are sitting at the top; otherwise, you will face numerous issues. However, apart from having all these links, the thing that matters for the business is the freedom of the press. You will get to know about each and everything when you read further in this article.

Freedom of press factor

Are you sure that about the fact that the news that you read from your morning g newspaper is true and is not influenced by anyone? There are numerous cases when people try to create news, but the thing is that news is never created; the job of the journalist is to just report the true event in front of the people who are the general public of the nation. Below you can go through various problems that are affecting the freedom of the press in your area:-

  • Political influence: well, there can be a chance that you are living in a country that is said to be a democratic nation, but still, the news you are getting is not fully true! Generally, people sitting in power use to mold the news before reaching the general public. The main thing is that all the leaders who are acting that they run the nation are sitting on the people’s money and all the luxury they are enjoying is on the people’s money only. But still, the general public is not free to get news freely.
  • Paid advertisements: This is not a violation of the right of freedom to the press, but the fact is that newspapers are just selling their columns, nothing else. Have you ever noticed that when you read the newspaper in the morning, you get to see many advertisements that are designed in the way they are spreading news only? That is not the only thing that you are getting today; many advertisements on the news channel are also planned in a way that it looks like news only. These are the tricks and tactics that big companies are using in order to influence the people for their work and product.
  • Corrupt news editors: Corruption is one of the major concern nowadays; it is seen that people use to give money to the editors, and then they make changes in the facts of the news. Let say you are a proprietor of a company that is using adulterated products, so when you want that your news should not come out of your office, you will surely bribe the editors of the news. When such people take bribes and do not work in favor of the people, they are actually playing with your right to get all the information in an exact manner.
  • The threat to the lives: Let say there are no more troubles in your life, and you are all set to do good and ethical news, but what will you do when your and your family members’ lives are put into a threat? There are many cases where people who have a sort of hold in the market put external pressure on the people of media and even try to kill them. By this, a person can straightaway bring news into focus and even stop printing news.

Business and the freedom of the press

The business has a clear cut connection with the press, and that is never-ending; the fact matter is that when you want to do business in a particular state, you will probably need to have proper knowledge about the area.

 Press is believed to be the organization that is authorized or trusted to provide free and fair information regarding the policies and facts made by the government of an area. Let say you have a future plan where you want to make some investment in any ABC country. What will be the first step that will make your way to achieve that objective? A normal person will definitely do an online search about the area’s economic news, but if the news is not free and fares, you will get confused. There can be a chance that you will lose your money as you are making an investment in a state that does not have a solid economic background.

Apart from all this, the media is also seen as the responsible authority that will freely spread the week points over the policies that are designed by the government. Suppose the ABC country has made some changes in their foreign policy now that policy can directly affect your business, but the press does not tell that information as they do not have the permit. In this case, you may suffer from heavy losses and will not be able to make your point to the government.


The above information has made it clear to you how many things can affect the freedom of the press in a country and how it can affect you and your business when the country’s press is not free and influenced by the government. However, if you are planning to do business in a certain country, then make better research, and only then will you get some good returns from it; make sure that the country’s press is free from any type of influence from the government other people.

How Has Journalism Changed A Lot From The Year You Were Born?

With time journalism has changed, and now it is very different from what it was earlier. In the 20th century, people got newspapers at least three times a day, and the time was morning, mid-noon, and in the evening. In this way, people get to know each specific detail that is happening at a particular point in time. With this radio was at its pace by telling the latest updates but not in printing or written form, people get updated by listening whatever is going on. 

 After that period, time changed at a very face pace, and TV was introduced, which brings more interest by watching the news. So, that was going on, and with this, there comes modern and the present era with introduction of internet, which became most interesting tool and had provide so much convenience. A person can watch all news 24/7, and also, there is an ease in watching the news as a person can get to know each detail as and when he wants to. With this, a lot of changes occurred with time, so let’s know about such significant changes- 

 Introduction of the newspaper 

 There was a time when people did not get to know what is happening all around. So as time changes, the newspaper was introduced, and it became the opportunity for people with which they get familiar with each aspect. This was the best part of the journalism as they got familiar with all areas and all the things that were going around them.

 It makes a rise in people’s interest, as many persons were there who were not educated so for them, there were specific changes that were introduced in the newspaper as with Witten form, a pictorial form was added. In this many pictures were added with which comes to know about various certain things. So this was when it brings and holds more interest of people, and they get eager to know about various things. 

What changes occur in the 1900s? 

1921: in this period, journalism focuses on the very sensational topics that are related to the scandals. So this rising interest of people and they get aware and made safe against such things. 

1922: in earlier times, journalism is all handled and managed by the male members so, to remove such discrimination and to bring equality, some women’s made a group and opt for a newspaper club, and their main focus and motive was to bring equality. Thus it was the group who handle such work with proper professionalism. 

1923: so it was the time when there is a need to make a change, and with that, there was the introduction of the weekly magazines, which became the ever first weekly news magazine, which not only h0lds the important content but also brings on various interesting pictures which made its look very interesting and with this, it gains popularity at a swift pace. 

1924: now, up to this time, there was content that people can only see and have to read. But still, people are facing problems because the [persons who are not literate who don’t know reading and writing are facing the problem, as they are not in a queue who knows each thing about the happenings. With there was the introduction of radio and it gets popular with its launching, because such things bring much ease for people, as with this they get familiar with all the things. There is only a need to hear about news, and with this, journalism had taken a wide and exciting turn for people all around. 

1925: there were a wife and the husband who brings on the new thing with the weekly magazine, that was The New Yorker which brings new content as weekly magazine focuses on, humor and the new one brings more about the severe content. 

End of the 1900s 

 So with this, slowly and many ongoing changes were coming in the journalism, and this changed many things in the economy as well. There was a rise in journalism and its contribution to the economy, which was also on a large scale. 

 And people demanded more new things, which boost the business as well. All the major issues were coming out, with which many problems are resolved. The radio was also high in demand because it provides so much convenience and with which many businesses, made a high level of rising. There came a time when the stock market crashed down, but at the time journalist was the one, who displayed the whole event, and at the end, there was a new introduction in the market, that was, Fortune magazine, that describes each detail of the modern business. 

The modern era of journalism 

 > News from your TV – so as time changes, and there was starting of the modern era in which TV was introduced, that has given new phase to journalism. Many news channels are available on TV, and people can watch and see it according to their interests. It brings more interest because now people can read, listen, and watch the news, bringing more fun in watching the news. 

>Journalism in your local language – after such aspect, the news is now available in certain languages. People can watch it with ease in their understandable touch, which helps in knowing the news properly. Thus journalism had made its space, with such professionalism. 

 > Journalism through networks – then the technology changed, the internet came into consideration which changes all the picture of the economy as everything gets digital. This provides so much comfort to people because now is not only available 24’7, but also the persons can see the previous news also as and when they want to. There are no specifications, so a person can get to know each detail of many years back also. This is the best, wide, and interesting change in journalism. 


 All the above are the major changes that occur in journalism, which changes the structure of the economy in a very positive way. People get familiar with each aspect with so much of ease. They try to cover all the important facts, and this is journalism. 

How ABA’s Support Is Helping Future Student Journalists To Excel In Their Field?

Freedom of expression is not just a right; it is a fundamental right that gives birth and confidence to other rights. People don’t know that they have a right to get them out of many situations. A person can’t be able to have all the knowledge when there are no journalists.

A journalist will use the right to freedom of expression and information to provide honest news. It is a universal right, but the factors affecting this specific right are making people afraid. But ABA says that they will support every student journalist in the freedom of expression. There are many reasons that this step was taken.

How are students related to journalism?

Journalism holds a great and significant part of everyone’s life. Even if it is through other media or social media sources, they hold a great space. Someone can’t live inconsiderate of what is happening in the surroundings and the main thing affecting it.

No one has to make many efforts to know and search for it because it is available in the headlines. No one has time to sit and read the newspaper; especially, this generation is more interested in social media. But social media is also very useful to provide information about the things going on worldwide.

Students are related to journalism because they need to start early to look for it as a career option. They need a lot of encouragement and focus if they are getting into it. Moreover, a journalist’s life can never be boring, so people who want to live an exciting life often choose it.

Here are some benefits of journalism as a career:

  1. Projects are exciting and challenging: A journalist will never have a dull life, and it is for sure. People love their job, and they are happy to be at their workplace. The projects are challenging, so they can keep the adrenaline running and keep it exciting. It will also provide a lot of better opportunities for students who are aspiring to live a good life.
  2. Best colleagues: Journalists are known to be courageous and passionate. It is always the best way to be in the workplace. Because when the people around you are good at what they do, they will provide the same environment too. It will be easy to gain the qualities of others and make the best personality. It is always the first concern of a newcomer that if the workplace will be comforting or not, and in journalism, it is not an issue.
  3. Opportunities to travel: Most of the time, it is impossible for a person to go on vacations and explore new places even if they are not far away. It is the main advantage for people who like to travel and like to get excitement in their day. Being a journalist has its perks, and it is the main one for a lot of people.
  4. Best way to meet a lot of interesting people: A journalist has to do a lot of interviews and be there to see how the seniors are doing it. So it makes it more exciting for a person who likes to meet a lot of people. Many people are from different places, and this helps to know different things about different places too. This one is hard to miss, and people love knowing and getting a chance to talk to big personalities.
  5. It gives a strong sense of achievement: When someone is getting a lot of opportunities and is happy with life, it is an achievement. There are not so many happy people at their workplace, and journalists are always eager to reach to work and get started with their day. A day in the life of a journalist is also a dream for many people.

Hence, it is true that there are many perks of being a journalist. But the main thing that is related to that is freedom of expression. And many factors affect this right, and we are looking to curb this. Thanks to ABA, it is easy for students to become journalists because they are giving out a policy that they will support the students.

Here are the reasons why this step was necessary and bound to be taken by some source like ABA:

To help with the fear: It is indeed sure that the factors of threats are increasing fear in journalists, and it is making fewer people to choose this as a career option. ABA is taking this initiative and giving this opportunity to the student journalists to be true to what they want to say. They will take care of the prospects and will back them up with the best support.

To give them confidence: When students will know that someone is there to help them and encourage them, it gives them confidence. Even though it is not easy to become a journalist and have that courage, but with the help of ABA, it is now possible for the students to be confident enough.

Teach them ethical journalism: Journalism is the definition of courage. An ethical journalist will never take a step back and go to the deep depths and provide the best information. It will make fake journalism have some shame and start being true to what they are doing. It will encourage better prospects for citizens and students.

There is no threat to the future of journalism: When there will be no fear, there will be no more any threat to journalism’s career is. It will be better for the media outlets to become filled up with the best employees who are ready to become the citizens’ voice and get them the opportunities they deserve.

To conclude,

ABA sure is being like a guardian angel for the student engineers. They are encouraging the students to use their freedom of expression and be less considerate of the fears. It will make ethical journalism come up again and give birth to the best journalists.

What Are The New Policies In Jammu And Kashmir That Created Tension In The Minds Of The Journalist?

This is the modern era in which everyone is independent of making their decisions, and the same applies to the journalist. It is actually very different in Jammu and Kashmir because there is so much of a complication that is going on with journalists, which has created tension in people’s minds. If a person wants to become a journalist at this place, then there is so much risk involved, as the political side can show the door and can remove them from their positions. 

 There is a policy that the government official will use their powers as they want on journalism. If they found and decided to recognize any news to be fake, then they have the right to take severe actions against the journalist, which are very complications to publish any news. It means the ruling is going on of politics in journalism. Thus, they check all the details, whatever is publishing in the newspaper, magazines, and the advertisements so that only that news goes out which they want to, which brings a great silence among reporters in starting. 

New Media policy 

Let’s say one has a big company and it is the fact that each company wants a good reputation in the market. But there are various things that are going on which can spoil the image of the company. In such cases, many people and prominent businessmen give money and buy the reputation and make goodwill in the market. For such things, they influence such people who will help them to bring out the only right image. 

 Such things make an fantastic reputation, and with those influence people, that brings trust in the minds of people. But this is the wrong way that is happening, which is the way to make the image if that is bad also. It means the reality is very different from the fake facts. This is going on in Jammu and Kashmir, where the government is the company and the persons who will bring the image is the media, which is all about in new media policy, where the freedom is taken away from the press. 

 Only that particular news can come out, which they allowed doing so. Such things improve the image of politics. And many political officers are given the duty, which created worry among journalist. Because they are not allowed to decide bringing any news out, this makes the abolition of the freedom of speech and expression. 

Importance of freedom to press 

  • It is very important to give freedom of expression. With this, more rights are attached to it as freedom of speech, freedom of the press which is very necessary to provide, because it provides a right t6o individuals, that they can bring out their opinion without nay fear. So this is the main aspect that must be provided to the press to bring their own opinions and the truth which is going on in society. There is no use of the freedom of expression if other authorities are involved in checking them and if they cannot take their own decision. 

 So freedom of the press involves the right to take decisions and functioning without any fear, threat, or worry about any sort of punishment. Freedom of expression covers many things and makes a rise in many other rights, without any interference. 

  • A free press brings awareness among people, and it is that part of the society which is very strong and informed public, about each aspect and which is very necessary. It is a democratic country in which it is very vital that the public must know about all the things, but many things are there which do not allow many things to come out, with which people are not participating in an appropriate way in democracy. 

 A reporter, the press, helps in telling detail to the public that is happening all around. When freedom is given to the press, it allows the press to acess stands to provide the right information to the public, so this must be respected. 

  • They Helps in making and brining strong opinion, as if the press is the one that will bring awareness among the people. So they are the one who helps in making strong democracies. With such information, people can make their opinions strong about voting and deciding who must be the country’s leader. Freedom of expression provides the right that the4re can be the proper discussion of the things that are happening so that there must not be any threat, and the right decision can be taken. The development in the opinions can only be achieved with the freedom of expression that is necessary to be given to media. 
  • There will be more chances of a fairer election when the right things come out with the media’s help. But if that is violated and press is forced to take decision which some authorities allow to do so, in that case, there will be funfair decisions. It is important to bring the right leader for the country, and the media can help it. The public can think about such things only when there is the right freedom given to the press. 
  • The importance of media is so much, especially at the time of elections. But many times, powerful authorities take hold of the media, which restrict the information to get a pass on to the public. In such an aspect, freedom of the press plays a vital role, which helps bring the right and appropriate information out. When voters hear the information, they can take a suitable decision that is beneficial for the country. 


 All such are the benefits that the country and the public get when such freedom is given to the press. But this is happening opposite in Jammu and Kashmir where there is so much restriction to the media. Often, essential and right information gets behind, and people remain unaware of the facts, because they do not get the right information. So such things have accreted the tension among the journalist. So it is vital to give various rights and freedom to the press. 

How Is Groupisim On Social Media Becoming a Cyber Threat For Nepali’s? 

Social media is a platform that provides a lot of entertainment and is a platform that helps in sharing information. Nepal is a democratic country, but still, there is a boundation of the people on social media. People have diverse views that affect stability and are becoming a threat. There is full freedom on the internet, where people can share their views, opinions and can increase their knowledge. But there is some problem occurring as many people are misusing such aspects and creating and spoiling the internet environment. 

 Many cases are happening in which personal information gets out, stealing personal accounts, and many such things are happening. The usage of mobile in such a country is increasing at a very fast pace with technology advancement. But there is a need to secure such aspects as it can create many problems in the lives of people. so the harmful effect which is occurring is – 

  • Many celebrities are facing a wrong impact as this is very harmful. People are creating the wrong image by doing groupies. Such an aspect spoils the image and leads to a wrong and harmful ending, which flops the carrier as well. These are the things that lead and force people to take wrong actions. Many cases happened in which people often faced suicidal cases. Such an aspect is the biggest threat that is going on with the internet. 
  • For instance, people are using the internet, not only youngsters are using but also children. And there is an aspect that people follow the crowd, which is somewhat happening. The general public uses the social site for increasing contacts, for talking to their family members, and so. But many fraudsters are just playing with such things. They are stealing the information in the wrong way. 
  • Such brings a worse impact on the people. With these, people are free to speak, and with these, people are misusing it. Many show love for this country in the wrong way, as they are abusing many things on social media that reflect the wrong image. No one has given the right to threaten the social media platform, which ruins the whole thing in total. 
  • Some people try to become the superstar who won social media by posting and commenting on wrong things about celebrities and the public. Social media gives the wrong power to people, and they are doing what they want to do, whether it is true or wrong. 
  •  Many hackers are a leading platform to the wrong path that is creating a big threat to people. There is a case happening that when people are commenting according to their views, the majority of people are making their groups, making their space to threaten people who are a minority. It can be in favor of a person or against one. But in such a democratic country, the rule is of people who are making groups on social media and misuse power.

In what way such grupism and cyber threat can be stopped? 

 It is important to understand that; social media is the platform that exists because of the democratic factor present in Nepal. But many people are taking in the wrong side, which will lead to bad results and the ending of such freedom. The majority of people are making groups, and they are violating freedom of expression, which is holding to prove their opinion and abuse the people who are not favorable. So it is important to take specific actions that will help in settling such cases.

  • The government should intervene – There is a significant role of government, as it is the one who has full authority and power to tackle and to arrange all the things. It becomes very crucial that government must intervene in such cases. This is a democratic country where people can speak and tell their views, but there are cases where the government’s involvement becomes necessary. 

 They must take all the necessary guidelines to control the spreading of wrong messages views, which do not bring the majority views to come up. There many times such significant offenses which will surely ruin the image in a very negative way. There must be a punishment who will spread the wrong message or who will misuse and do fraud by bringing fake news, or who will steal the wrong information. Such cases and persons are prone to punishment, which will help stop the happening of such cyber threats on social media. 

  • Social media should take steps – another job and duty must be of social media platforms, they are involved properly, and it is in their hands to tackle such things. They must also take specific steps that help in stopping crime. 

 They must opt for guidelines and improve the technology that does not allow the happening of certain aspects. Also, there must be a technological system that indicates the wrong things or wrong actions if someone is doing. This will bring a lot of change and will bring protection to people who are on social media. It will reduce the cyber threat, which is very much prevailing in the area which needs to stop. Also, there must be alert of commenting wrong views towards the people, which will reduce the rule of the wrong majority who are making a large group. 

  • NGOs should arrange awareness programs – many institutions are working on the social welfare of people. They are the ones who can help in such conditions, as they can start many programs which will help to resolve any issues. They can tell the importance of social media and the views which carry so much importance. 

 If one abuses how it can bring a harsh impact on people’s lives and how badly it is becoming the biggest threat to people all around. This will also help create awareness, and people will get knowledge, and maybe there will be a better chance. 


 Such a worst cyber threat is happening on social which is spoiling the democracy, as there is a rule of the majority of people’s views, so it is essential to stop such crime, and many actions can be taken. So as in individual one must take care of such things and don’t indulge with wrong views of the crowd.