A Look Back at How the Digital Revolution Has Changed the World

A Look Back at How the Digital Revolution Has Changed the World

The move to more advanced technology has been quite sudden, when you compare the rate of development that is occurring today in comparison to what it was like ten years ago the rate is significantly more rapid in growth. From the development of the first mobile phones to the first working computer the technology industry has undergone a huge development over the years with computers and phones only growing in how advanced they are and the functions that they have.  

Technology has changed the world in many ways and I think it would be safe to say that almost every industry nationwide uses some form of technology within their everyday trading. Another notable way that technology was developed would have to be when the first social media platforms game out. With the creation of smartphones, there was a huge boost in popularity with top social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter being some of the most used mobile applications worldwide. The fact that a lot of business and marketing now takes place in an entirely online format just shows how far social media has been taken in terms of its uses in everyday life. 


Early Computers

The first commercial device to be considered a personal computer was released in 1971, it was very different from what we have access to nowadays but was capable of basic document processing and data storage for use by the everyday person. There were some examples of technology that could be considered a computer before this time but this was the first example to be available for purchase by the public, and it is considered to be the first example of technology that resembles what is used today. 

The early computers were much larger than what we have access to today, especially when you consider the slim and compact size of the majority of laptops that are on the market nowadays, the transformation and miniaturization of computer technology is staggering especially when you think about how small the growth period is with all of this taking place in very few years time. The range of functions that standard computers now have is just as staggering with the first computers being able to complete a fraction of the processes that are available on today’s devices. 


 I would argue that the entertainment industry is one of the most heavily influenced industries by technology and the huge rate of development that has occurred over the last few years when you think back to the sources of entertainment and film or television platforms that you used a few years ago in comparison to what is used now it is likely to be very different. Movies were watched in the cinema and television was watched using an aerial and television box, nowadays people are paying monthly for access to huge libraries filled with a variety of content for hours of entertainment.  

Another huge way that the development of technology has affected the entertainment industry is the sourcing of free content by torrenting online, this opens up a whole range of new entertainment options that can be accessed without having to pay a monthly fee. If you are going to be using this method then there are some key things to remember such as, having the top VPNs if you torrent to help speed up download times and ensure you are using the most trusted links.  

The Switch to Smart Phones

 Much like how laptops and computers have undergone a huge amount of development over the years the same could be said about the switch from more outdated models to smartphones. In the early months of 2010, we saw the first smartphones being released to the world, these compact devices packed a huge punch in terms of their performance and functionality to suit the everyday individual who led a busy lifestyle on the go. Smartphones were designed to be portable computers with internet connection capabilities and mobile applications for many different companies who are trying to branch out into the world of technology that is growing so strongly in popularity.  

The world has changed significantly due to the fact that the majority of people around the world are basically carrying around miniature computers with them everywhere they go. You can use your smartphone to pay for things, to control, your home appliances such as your heating and lighting, and most phones are equipped with high-quality cameras that rival that of professional standard photography equipment. Ten years ago the world looked very different and people were only just introduced to this kind of technology. In the present day, the scale of some of the phones that are available for purchase is so advanced people are finding that they are using their less portable computers less and less.  

Social Media

As previously mentioned, social media would have to be one of the biggest technology developments that have had a gauge effect n how things work as a society, many different processes have been able to move to an online platform solely because of the new communication options that have been made available on social media and the huge platform for worldwide connectivity that it has provided. Most social media platforms are free to use and offer up the opportunity to connect with people all over the world no matter who you are.