Can Freedom Of Press And Expression Be A Deciding Factor To Your Business?

Can Freedom Of Press And Expression Be A Deciding Factor To Your Business?

Business is an activity where a person invests some money to sell some goods or services to the people against which they will eventually earn more and more profits. Whenever you are buying some item from your offline or online store, you are eventually acting as the final consumer of the product. You are providing some sort of benefit to the proprietor. The small soap you are buying from your nearby store provides jobs to people and by which people can purchase bread for their house.

But do you think that doing business is as simple as your purchasing of the soap? If you think that this business goes in the same way, you are probably wrong, and it doesn’t work the same way. When you want your business to work efficiently and effectively, you will probably need to have many links with the people who are sitting at the top; otherwise, you will face numerous issues. However, apart from having all these links, the thing that matters for the business is the freedom of the press. You will get to know about each and everything when you read further in this article.

Freedom of press factor

Are you sure that about the fact that the news that you read from your morning g newspaper is true and is not influenced by anyone? There are numerous cases when people try to create news, but the thing is that news is never created; the job of the journalist is to just report the true event in front of the people who are the general public of the nation. Below you can go through various problems that are affecting the freedom of the press in your area:-

  • Political influence: well, there can be a chance that you are living in a country that is said to be a democratic nation, but still, the news you are getting is not fully true! Generally, people sitting in power use to mold the news before reaching the general public. The main thing is that all the leaders who are acting that they run the nation are sitting on the people’s money and all the luxury they are enjoying is on the people’s money only. But still, the general public is not free to get news freely.
  • Paid advertisements: This is not a violation of the right of freedom to the press, but the fact is that newspapers are just selling their columns, nothing else. Have you ever noticed that when you read the newspaper in the morning, you get to see many advertisements that are designed in the way they are spreading news only? That is not the only thing that you are getting today; many advertisements on the news channel are also planned in a way that it looks like news only. These are the tricks and tactics that big companies are using in order to influence the people for their work and product.
  • Corrupt news editors: Corruption is one of the major concern nowadays; it is seen that people use to give money to the editors, and then they make changes in the facts of the news. Let say you are a proprietor of a company that is using adulterated products, so when you want that your news should not come out of your office, you will surely bribe the editors of the news. When such people take bribes and do not work in favor of the people, they are actually playing with your right to get all the information in an exact manner.
  • The threat to the lives: Let say there are no more troubles in your life, and you are all set to do good and ethical news, but what will you do when your and your family members’ lives are put into a threat? There are many cases where people who have a sort of hold in the market put external pressure on the people of media and even try to kill them. By this, a person can straightaway bring news into focus and even stop printing news.

Business and the freedom of the press

The business has a clear cut connection with the press, and that is never-ending; the fact matter is that when you want to do business in a particular state, you will probably need to have proper knowledge about the area.

 Press is believed to be the organization that is authorized or trusted to provide free and fair information regarding the policies and facts made by the government of an area. Let say you have a future plan where you want to make some investment in any ABC country. What will be the first step that will make your way to achieve that objective? A normal person will definitely do an online search about the area’s economic news, but if the news is not free and fares, you will get confused. There can be a chance that you will lose your money as you are making an investment in a state that does not have a solid economic background.

Apart from all this, the media is also seen as the responsible authority that will freely spread the week points over the policies that are designed by the government. Suppose the ABC country has made some changes in their foreign policy now that policy can directly affect your business, but the press does not tell that information as they do not have the permit. In this case, you may suffer from heavy losses and will not be able to make your point to the government.


The above information has made it clear to you how many things can affect the freedom of the press in a country and how it can affect you and your business when the country’s press is not free and influenced by the government. However, if you are planning to do business in a certain country, then make better research, and only then will you get some good returns from it; make sure that the country’s press is free from any type of influence from the government other people.

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