Free Press Worldwide – Is It Under Threat?

Free Press Worldwide – Is It Under Threat?

Freedom of the press is something that the citizens rely on. It is the only way to get knowledge of what is happening in the world and in an unbiased way. But can we trust them now? There is much news that the journalists were shot dead, and they get death threats. And this gives us a fair chance to think that they can be biased just to save their lives.

Through various types of media, journalists source the news and provide it to us. We don’t know the source, but we can trust them and hear out what they are saying. To define freedom of the press, we can say that the government provides them the right to say and print what they want. This way, they will provide the best they can, and the citizens will know the actual things that are going on.

What is the press, and why do people rely on them?

Journalists make sure that they reach the depth of the news, and then they make a whole story out of it. Ask yourself how do you get to know about the things going on? It is through the media and its forms. There are many forms of media, and they are newspapers, radio, TV, magazines, and social media comes under this category too.

People rely on them because they are the only source that will provide the information.  Every company issues their newsletter, but it is impossible to know everything about them with the help of that. It is because they will only provide what is best for them and what makes them look good. It is not what citizens desire; they want to get honest news, which is possible through the press or media. Freedom of the press gives the people a right to know the truth and give their perspective on it.

Things that are affecting the freedom of the press

When we consider that future journalism is under threat and there are chances that people won’t get what they think they would. It is because of the factors affecting the authenticity of the news and not letting them get the truth out. A reason that we all know is covid-19 too. It has caused a lot of impact on the free press worldwide.

Here are the main factors that are affecting the free press worldwide,

Political pressure: The primary factor that makes the journalists step down and provide what the public bodies ask them to. It is not shocking that the press gets threats, and they have to work according to that. Most of the time, it depends on the person’s determination and how they are going to provide the information. Public bodies or representatives of these people can pressure the news channels not to give out the news.

Private policy of channel: It is possible for a proprietor of the news channel not to let the hired journalists show what they want to. It is possible because the owner is biased and wants to stay in the good books of the specific person whom the news is about. It can affect the reputation of the news channel, but they get out of the situation by providing just enough information. They try and be neutral, so they don’t get under the public’s pressure and the other party too.

Money mindedness of newspapers: Most of the time, newspapers also let out the info. They will only care about the money they are getting for providing the info. The news can be false and in favor of the party. They will not get on up to the information, but they will give out other statements to support their statements. The influence of advertising can create another type of environment and can cause more issues too.

Law of libel: the law of libel is based on the defaming of a person. If the statement is false and causing problems and making their reputation go down, that respective person can sue the owner of the media. Even though it is called invading the privacy of a certain person and giving information that is true and is causing an impact on the reputation doesn’t come under the law of libel. It affects the freedom of the press too. Often, the person will do anything to prove the information wrong and try to sue the channel. So it causes fear among people.

Benefits if the press will be free!

There are many benefits if the journalists will be free to give out the news without being afraid about it. Here are the benefits that can come up,

  • It will contribute to citizens’ knowledge: Citizens need to know what is going on and what is important for them to know. Most of the time, people don’t know what is going on around them, and because of that, they can get affected too. For example, if there were no media and people were not aware of Covid-19, this could have been a disaster. But it is media that made people aware of it and the crucial safety measures.
  • Improves the situations: With the help of awareness, it is easy to improve and solve the problem. When it is in front of the citizens, they try and figure out what they can do to help people. If there are suffering people, they will get help from others only with the help of the media.
  • Makes the people aware of their rights: Some people live in pain without any knowledge of their rights. When there is free worldwide press, it will be possible for people to take help from them and fight for what is bothering them for a long time.
  • Authentic news: Last but not least, people will get to know what is true. The news will be honest and get them to provide the perspective they want to have about it.

Finally, freedom of the press or media is sure under threat because the factors affecting it are powerful, and they are not letting the country grow. There is a need to apply measures to curb these factors to get to experience the benefits.

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