How ABA’s Support Is Helping Future Student Journalists To Excel In Their Field?

How ABA’s Support Is Helping Future Student Journalists To Excel In Their Field?

Freedom of expression is not just a right; it is a fundamental right that gives birth and confidence to other rights. People don’t know that they have a right to get them out of many situations. A person can’t be able to have all the knowledge when there are no journalists.

A journalist will use the right to freedom of expression and information to provide honest news. It is a universal right, but the factors affecting this specific right are making people afraid. But ABA says that they will support every student journalist in the freedom of expression. There are many reasons that this step was taken.

How are students related to journalism?

Journalism holds a great and significant part of everyone’s life. Even if it is through other media or social media sources, they hold a great space. Someone can’t live inconsiderate of what is happening in the surroundings and the main thing affecting it.

No one has to make many efforts to know and search for it because it is available in the headlines. No one has time to sit and read the newspaper; especially, this generation is more interested in social media. But social media is also very useful to provide information about the things going on worldwide.

Students are related to journalism because they need to start early to look for it as a career option. They need a lot of encouragement and focus if they are getting into it. Moreover, a journalist’s life can never be boring, so people who want to live an exciting life often choose it.

Here are some benefits of journalism as a career:

  1. Projects are exciting and challenging: A journalist will never have a dull life, and it is for sure. People love their job, and they are happy to be at their workplace. The projects are challenging, so they can keep the adrenaline running and keep it exciting. It will also provide a lot of better opportunities for students who are aspiring to live a good life.
  2. Best colleagues: Journalists are known to be courageous and passionate. It is always the best way to be in the workplace. Because when the people around you are good at what they do, they will provide the same environment too. It will be easy to gain the qualities of others and make the best personality. It is always the first concern of a newcomer that if the workplace will be comforting or not, and in journalism, it is not an issue.
  3. Opportunities to travel: Most of the time, it is impossible for a person to go on vacations and explore new places even if they are not far away. It is the main advantage for people who like to travel and like to get excitement in their day. Being a journalist has its perks, and it is the main one for a lot of people.
  4. Best way to meet a lot of interesting people: A journalist has to do a lot of interviews and be there to see how the seniors are doing it. So it makes it more exciting for a person who likes to meet a lot of people. Many people are from different places, and this helps to know different things about different places too. This one is hard to miss, and people love knowing and getting a chance to talk to big personalities.
  5. It gives a strong sense of achievement: When someone is getting a lot of opportunities and is happy with life, it is an achievement. There are not so many happy people at their workplace, and journalists are always eager to reach to work and get started with their day. A day in the life of a journalist is also a dream for many people.

Hence, it is true that there are many perks of being a journalist. But the main thing that is related to that is freedom of expression. And many factors affect this right, and we are looking to curb this. Thanks to ABA, it is easy for students to become journalists because they are giving out a policy that they will support the students.

Here are the reasons why this step was necessary and bound to be taken by some source like ABA:

To help with the fear: It is indeed sure that the factors of threats are increasing fear in journalists, and it is making fewer people to choose this as a career option. ABA is taking this initiative and giving this opportunity to the student journalists to be true to what they want to say. They will take care of the prospects and will back them up with the best support.

To give them confidence: When students will know that someone is there to help them and encourage them, it gives them confidence. Even though it is not easy to become a journalist and have that courage, but with the help of ABA, it is now possible for the students to be confident enough.

Teach them ethical journalism: Journalism is the definition of courage. An ethical journalist will never take a step back and go to the deep depths and provide the best information. It will make fake journalism have some shame and start being true to what they are doing. It will encourage better prospects for citizens and students.

There is no threat to the future of journalism: When there will be no fear, there will be no more any threat to journalism’s career is. It will be better for the media outlets to become filled up with the best employees who are ready to become the citizens’ voice and get them the opportunities they deserve.

To conclude,

ABA sure is being like a guardian angel for the student engineers. They are encouraging the students to use their freedom of expression and be less considerate of the fears. It will make ethical journalism come up again and give birth to the best journalists.

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