How Has Journalism Changed A Lot From The Year You Were Born?

How Has Journalism Changed A Lot From The Year You Were Born?

With time journalism has changed, and now it is very different from what it was earlier. In the 20th century, people got newspapers at least three times a day, and the time was morning, mid-noon, and in the evening. In this way, people get to know each specific detail that is happening at a particular point in time. With this radio was at its pace by telling the latest updates but not in printing or written form, people get updated by listening whatever is going on. 

 After that period, time changed at a very face pace, and TV was introduced, which brings more interest by watching the news. So, that was going on, and with this, there comes modern and the present era with introduction of internet, which became most interesting tool and had provide so much convenience. A person can watch all news 24/7, and also, there is an ease in watching the news as a person can get to know each detail as and when he wants to. With this, a lot of changes occurred with time, so let’s know about such significant changes- 

 Introduction of the newspaper 

 There was a time when people did not get to know what is happening all around. So as time changes, the newspaper was introduced, and it became the opportunity for people with which they get familiar with each aspect. This was the best part of the journalism as they got familiar with all areas and all the things that were going around them.

 It makes a rise in people’s interest, as many persons were there who were not educated so for them, there were specific changes that were introduced in the newspaper as with Witten form, a pictorial form was added. In this many pictures were added with which comes to know about various certain things. So this was when it brings and holds more interest of people, and they get eager to know about various things. 

What changes occur in the 1900s? 

1921: in this period, journalism focuses on the very sensational topics that are related to the scandals. So this rising interest of people and they get aware and made safe against such things. 

1922: in earlier times, journalism is all handled and managed by the male members so, to remove such discrimination and to bring equality, some women’s made a group and opt for a newspaper club, and their main focus and motive was to bring equality. Thus it was the group who handle such work with proper professionalism. 

1923: so it was the time when there is a need to make a change, and with that, there was the introduction of the weekly magazines, which became the ever first weekly news magazine, which not only h0lds the important content but also brings on various interesting pictures which made its look very interesting and with this, it gains popularity at a swift pace. 

1924: now, up to this time, there was content that people can only see and have to read. But still, people are facing problems because the [persons who are not literate who don’t know reading and writing are facing the problem, as they are not in a queue who knows each thing about the happenings. With there was the introduction of radio and it gets popular with its launching, because such things bring much ease for people, as with this they get familiar with all the things. There is only a need to hear about news, and with this, journalism had taken a wide and exciting turn for people all around. 

1925: there were a wife and the husband who brings on the new thing with the weekly magazine, that was The New Yorker which brings new content as weekly magazine focuses on, humor and the new one brings more about the severe content. 

End of the 1900s 

 So with this, slowly and many ongoing changes were coming in the journalism, and this changed many things in the economy as well. There was a rise in journalism and its contribution to the economy, which was also on a large scale. 

 And people demanded more new things, which boost the business as well. All the major issues were coming out, with which many problems are resolved. The radio was also high in demand because it provides so much convenience and with which many businesses, made a high level of rising. There came a time when the stock market crashed down, but at the time journalist was the one, who displayed the whole event, and at the end, there was a new introduction in the market, that was, Fortune magazine, that describes each detail of the modern business. 

The modern era of journalism 

 > News from your TV – so as time changes, and there was starting of the modern era in which TV was introduced, that has given new phase to journalism. Many news channels are available on TV, and people can watch and see it according to their interests. It brings more interest because now people can read, listen, and watch the news, bringing more fun in watching the news. 

>Journalism in your local language – after such aspect, the news is now available in certain languages. People can watch it with ease in their understandable touch, which helps in knowing the news properly. Thus journalism had made its space, with such professionalism. 

 > Journalism through networks – then the technology changed, the internet came into consideration which changes all the picture of the economy as everything gets digital. This provides so much comfort to people because now is not only available 24’7, but also the persons can see the previous news also as and when they want to. There are no specifications, so a person can get to know each detail of many years back also. This is the best, wide, and interesting change in journalism. 


 All the above are the major changes that occur in journalism, which changes the structure of the economy in a very positive way. People get familiar with each aspect with so much of ease. They try to cover all the important facts, and this is journalism. 

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