How Is Groupisim On Social Media Becoming a Cyber Threat For Nepali’s? 

How Is Groupisim On Social Media Becoming a Cyber Threat For Nepali’s? 

Social media is a platform that provides a lot of entertainment and is a platform that helps in sharing information. Nepal is a democratic country, but still, there is a boundation of the people on social media. People have diverse views that affect stability and are becoming a threat. There is full freedom on the internet, where people can share their views, opinions and can increase their knowledge. But there is some problem occurring as many people are misusing such aspects and creating and spoiling the internet environment. 

 Many cases are happening in which personal information gets out, stealing personal accounts, and many such things are happening. The usage of mobile in such a country is increasing at a very fast pace with technology advancement. But there is a need to secure such aspects as it can create many problems in the lives of people. so the harmful effect which is occurring is – 

  • Many celebrities are facing a wrong impact as this is very harmful. People are creating the wrong image by doing groupies. Such an aspect spoils the image and leads to a wrong and harmful ending, which flops the carrier as well. These are the things that lead and force people to take wrong actions. Many cases happened in which people often faced suicidal cases. Such an aspect is the biggest threat that is going on with the internet. 
  • For instance, people are using the internet, not only youngsters are using but also children. And there is an aspect that people follow the crowd, which is somewhat happening. The general public uses the social site for increasing contacts, for talking to their family members, and so. But many fraudsters are just playing with such things. They are stealing the information in the wrong way. 
  • Such brings a worse impact on the people. With these, people are free to speak, and with these, people are misusing it. Many show love for this country in the wrong way, as they are abusing many things on social media that reflect the wrong image. No one has given the right to threaten the social media platform, which ruins the whole thing in total. 
  • Some people try to become the superstar who won social media by posting and commenting on wrong things about celebrities and the public. Social media gives the wrong power to people, and they are doing what they want to do, whether it is true or wrong. 
  •  Many hackers are a leading platform to the wrong path that is creating a big threat to people. There is a case happening that when people are commenting according to their views, the majority of people are making their groups, making their space to threaten people who are a minority. It can be in favor of a person or against one. But in such a democratic country, the rule is of people who are making groups on social media and misuse power.

In what way such grupism and cyber threat can be stopped? 

 It is important to understand that; social media is the platform that exists because of the democratic factor present in Nepal. But many people are taking in the wrong side, which will lead to bad results and the ending of such freedom. The majority of people are making groups, and they are violating freedom of expression, which is holding to prove their opinion and abuse the people who are not favorable. So it is important to take specific actions that will help in settling such cases.

  • The government should intervene – There is a significant role of government, as it is the one who has full authority and power to tackle and to arrange all the things. It becomes very crucial that government must intervene in such cases. This is a democratic country where people can speak and tell their views, but there are cases where the government’s involvement becomes necessary. 

 They must take all the necessary guidelines to control the spreading of wrong messages views, which do not bring the majority views to come up. There many times such significant offenses which will surely ruin the image in a very negative way. There must be a punishment who will spread the wrong message or who will misuse and do fraud by bringing fake news, or who will steal the wrong information. Such cases and persons are prone to punishment, which will help stop the happening of such cyber threats on social media. 

  • Social media should take steps – another job and duty must be of social media platforms, they are involved properly, and it is in their hands to tackle such things. They must also take specific steps that help in stopping crime. 

 They must opt for guidelines and improve the technology that does not allow the happening of certain aspects. Also, there must be a technological system that indicates the wrong things or wrong actions if someone is doing. This will bring a lot of change and will bring protection to people who are on social media. It will reduce the cyber threat, which is very much prevailing in the area which needs to stop. Also, there must be alert of commenting wrong views towards the people, which will reduce the rule of the wrong majority who are making a large group. 

  • NGOs should arrange awareness programs – many institutions are working on the social welfare of people. They are the ones who can help in such conditions, as they can start many programs which will help to resolve any issues. They can tell the importance of social media and the views which carry so much importance. 

 If one abuses how it can bring a harsh impact on people’s lives and how badly it is becoming the biggest threat to people all around. This will also help create awareness, and people will get knowledge, and maybe there will be a better chance. 


 Such a worst cyber threat is happening on social which is spoiling the democracy, as there is a rule of the majority of people’s views, so it is essential to stop such crime, and many actions can be taken. So as in individual one must take care of such things and don’t indulge with wrong views of the crowd. 

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