How the US Millitary Succesfully Averted a National Crisis

How the US Millitary Succesfully Averted a National Crisis

The US military has had to make significant changes in all areas in order to compensate for the advanced threats we are now facing as a nation, it is great to see that so much time and effort has been dedicated to making sure that the brave men and women who are fighting to keep the country secure are safe and equipped with the most advanced military technology and training in the world. Without the huge amount of work behind the scenes of our military, it is likely that our military would be overwhelmed by the threats they are currently facing and the whole country could be going through a national crisis as a result.

With so many brilliant minds working on developing the best weaponry and technology dedicated for military use both the military and the general public can find peace of mind in the fact that everything is being done to make sure our army and our borders are as secure and safe as they can possibly be. It is said that the US military is one of the most advanced military regiments in terms of both the equipment they have access to and the soldier training process that is turning everyday men and women into proficient soldiers to help keep our nation safe.


Advances in Military Technology

One of the biggest saviors for our military would have to be the huge developments of the standard technology that is offered to our soldiers at any level, as a standard equipment package we have seen significant upgrades to not only the weaponry that is used but things like surveillance equipment have also been upgraded so that our soldiers can enter a situation with as much intel as possible. I think it is safe to say that the massive technological developments have given our military an edge over the enemy that cannot be overcome. When you look at the technology that was available as little as five years ago there is a clear difference and advancement that has taken place in such a short period of time and has definitely helped the US military to avoid a nationwide crisis in the future.


Medical Developments

When you think of the military it is very easy to have the mindset that weapons are the most important aspect, however, this is not the true case and I believe that the medical technology that is available is of just as much importance. In the unfortunate circumstances that any of the men and women on the front lines are injured as a nation, we should be making sure that every medical treatment possible is used to help our soldiers have a full recovery from any injuries they have sustained. We have seen a huge development in the amount of medical technology that is available with things like the peanut butter shot which helps prevent disease and infections in soldiers becoming a much more available medical practice. You may ask what is the military peanut butter shot? And the answer is this, the shot is basically a thick and painful liquid that is hated by soldiers worldwide, however, the protective benefits of avoiding a huge amount of different infections are definitely a positive when it comes to our soldier’s protection.


Increased Military Enrollment

Another way that the US military has seen much improvement in order to avoid a national crisis would have to be the increased amount of enrollment that has taken place in the last few years. Thanks to an increase in advertising budget our military enrollment offices have seen a huge increase in the number of people who want to join the army and protect our nation’s borders. This new patriotic spirit has opened up new opportunities for our military as they have much more soldiers and resources available to deal with conflict that could affect the US all over the world. Our military is strong because of the brave men and women who put their lives on the lines in order to protect the US from a number of different threats and this is something that does not compare to the developments in tech and medicine.


Changes to the Training Process

With more and more new recruits joining the army as well as the huge developments in the technology and weaponry that have been made available, the training process for our military has also had to change significantly. In order to keep up with the time’s new recruits will now be trained in a  number of different aspects of military practice from driving new vehicles to handling new weaponry and medical equipment, the training of most US military soldiers has changed in a way that makes our soldiers some of the best worldwide due to the specialized training that they are now receiving.