Is It Crucial To Have Freedom Of Expression And Information For A Country?

Is It Crucial To Have Freedom Of Expression And Information For A Country?

Having fundamental rights allows a person to hope and have confidence in what they are doing. Media plays a significant role in providing information to the citizens and making them aware of all the issues. For the proper functioning of a society or a country, people must know about their rights and how they can live a better life with its help.

Not all citizens are aware of the rights, and it is because of a lack of education and knowledge. Most of the people who never get to raise their voice in front of people are low caste. It is a social issue, and we can say that these fundamental rights are a way to help people out of these social issues. Social issues arise due to the factors, and the primary one of them is lack of knowledge and exposure.

What is freedom of expression?

Freedom of expression is the right where a person can express their feelings, situations, and fight for the ill-treatment they are getting. It isn’t just based on an individual; and it is for a group too. People can confide in each other, and when they find out that they are going through the same issue, they figure they are not alone. To express their ideas, thoughts, and emotions in front of people, they need a platform and make their own platforms.

To make people aware of their issues, they take help from journalists and news channels. In the process of democracy, freedom of expression is the core aspect of getting the positive output. It can ensure a lot of things amongst people. It will be possible for people to discuss, debate, and exchange their ideas about a certain aspect. This will ensure that people are getting aware of it, and it is allowing them to say what they want to.

Importance of freedom of expression:

  • It is the foundation of many other rights: When people will express their feelings and emotions about whatever is making them uncomfortable, they will be able to use others. It is the reason freedom of expression is a fundamental right, and everyone needs to be able to use this.
  • A free press will help the public: Free press will make sure that all the information is honest, and there is no type of problems while giving out the news. People are afraid to tell the exact news, but it will be easy and convenient with this right.
  • Informed citizens will lead to better democracy: People who know are better at making a logical solution to the issue. But when the citizens are not aware of the actual things, it will not be easy for them to make a decision about who is giving the best and who is lying. It will also lead to better voting ways because people will need proof.
  • No restraining of reports: People are afraid to report about something, which will not help in the long run. When there is a right to expression, it will ensure that there is no restraining of the reports that people want to make.
  • No issues of marginalization and minorities: Right to expression will give advancement to equality. Every citizen is allowed to use their rights in equal ways. There is no biasness, and no law states that minorities or marginalized societies will be exempted from their rights. It will improve their situation and will get a better way of living in these societies.
  • Protection to more than just press: People who make their point using comedy, art, or anything else also need the right to express themselves. Sometimes when these comedians or theatre people point to other people, they get into problems. But there has to be a proper law that it is their perspective, and they have the right to say it out loud.

What is freedom of information?

Freedom of getting information is a right that everyone should have. These public bodies have been hiding the information from the citizens, yes some of it is confidential, and we get the reason. But in many situations, people don’t get the answers they are looking for, and it is not a good point. Getting the information is integral for every person, and it should be adopted globally.

The goal of the public bodies doesn’t have to be secretive but to be transparent. It will help them gain trust and reputation among people, leading to many positive prospects. The principle is to achieve better measures for the country and to provide better opportunities to citizens.

Importance of right to information:

  • Request any information: People must be given the authority to ask for the information. Public bodies will have to give them the information they are asking for, and they don’t need to use any other measures to silence them.
  • Get the proper information of documents: People often get under scams because they have no authority to ask about the specific measure’s documents. It can lead to disappointments and many arising problems. But with the help of the right to information, they will be authorized to ask for what they want to know.
  • Inspect the progress of work: Many facilities ask for money and donations from the citizens. It is not a blame on the government, but it is a courtesy that they must notify how their money is being used. It will only help in gaining the trust of the public and making a good impression.
  • Get samples and materials of work: Before the work is starting, they must get to know about the samples and materials. So they will know their money is getting the worth it needs to be given.

The bottom lines,

Freedom of expression and information goes hand in hand as they are the topmost and leading rights that will help the public get what they deserve. It is not just about the general categories; with the help of the press, they can provide information to the communities and societies that don’t get much importance.  

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