Is It True That Freedom Of Expression Is Going Low? Why Is It Important To Have Right To Express?

Is It True That Freedom Of Expression Is Going Low? Why Is It Important To Have Right To Express?

We all know that freedom of expression is one right that gives form to the other rights. Without this right is will not be possible for anyone to be confident to express their feelings and fight for anything. There is new research, and they are urging the government to take steps for this. It is because freedom of expression has gone to the extent of a ten-year-low.

The reason for ten years low in freedom of expression is the factors affecting this right. There are some factors and here, let’s talk about them:

  • Administrative harassment & barriers

There is a fair chance that a media channel and source can be shut if the information provided is not in favor of the party. The public needs to know the aspects that are going on, and the press is the only way to give shape to that. It is not possible if there is no media press or outlet to provide the information.

The license to print and broadcast the news is basically shut down. It happens when the media outlets don’t go according to the other parties’ content warnings or government. Sending these warnings is the prior base of people to get the press to be silenced normally. But when there is no action on the warning, it can lead to bad circumstances too.

  • Anonymity online

These days, people are connected by their devices, and they can be able to contact anyone. With the advancement in technology, they are getting many opportunities that can help the public. But with the help of technology, there are measures to check the place of the post and at what time. Many people from the press try to be anonymous with the information they are sourcing. But when the news comes out, the affected party makes a lot of efforts to shut down that specific source’s efforts.

But if the journalists are bringing up with their rights and are given proper anonymity, they can stay safe and give honest reviews.

  • Criminalization of speech

 Many journalists face the fines and charges of defaming a person and their reputation. Even if the statement is correct and doesn’t come under the law, they face criminalization if libel. The law makes them fall behind bars, and they face a lot of defaming on their name and families too. It is making the fear rise, and the right to express it is falling low.

  • Internet regulation offenses and cybercrime

Even if the internet is developing a platform for many people, it is certainly something that has got people being dependent. When there is a need to search for something, it is the internet that we confide in. the main reason for searching on the internet is that it is on the internet as soon as something happens. It is also leading to cybercrime and a lot of offenses.

People blog on the internet, and other readers get the opportunity to comment on it and tell them their feedback. When people are abusing others, they don’t think of it as a cybercrime. And journalists always experience these things. They get under the impression that they have threats on their lives. So to stay away from the abuses and threats, they never speak in favor of the truth.

  • Fabricated charges

Sometimes, these journalists never face problems with what they are saying for a party. But to be on the safe side, the government makes up the charges, and then these journalists can face trumped up charges. These can ruin their career and the authenticity of their work and their word too.

It won’t shock, but journalists often get arrested and detained for what they are doing. It is truth, and no one can deny that being in favor of truth is not easy and going on is the most difficult task.

  • Forced disclosure of source that is providing information

It is the most common threat that they face. Everyone knows that journalists never work alone, they always have some anonymous sources, and it is up to them to keep these safe. When there is any news that is a shock to the concerned party, they want to know who leaked their information. So this always leads to the issue with journalists and asking who is the source.

Protecting the source is essential because that can lead to the low quality of news in the future. It can also lead to a lot of worst situations for the journalist and the source. No one wants to get into such conditions, so the freedom to express is falling low to the rate.

  • Internet shutdowns

Often, when the news is about to go out, the internet goes off, and there is no delivery to the citizens of the country. There are chances that the government can block a person from the internet or using it. But there are different solutions to that, and so they shut it.

It will be impossible for the outlets to outsource or broadcast the news to people. When citizens cannot get access to the information, it will be of no use, and time will pass.

  • Physical harassment and torture

It is used by the state or even non-state to silence the rising journalists. When the news is not in their favor, and they want to shut the press up, they can go to any extent to stop it. It can make the reporters stop reporting the news, and it will also cause fear among citizens to say anything about it.

Harassing someone is a crime, but when this happens, no one comes up to report the crime, and the criminals roam freely after this.


 Not only can some factors stop a journalist from being truthful to the fact of the news. But these threats can surely affect their quality. It takes a lot of courage to become a journalist and to be able to source information from the people. It will be a better world with the freedom of expression and information, so there have to be proper measures.

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