Opinion Piece: Battle Royale Games are the new Chat Rooms

Opinion Piece: Battle Royale Games are the new Chat Rooms

If you are someone that has been involved in the world of gaming for a number of years, then you will be aware of just how the gaming world has changed in the last decade or so. In the past, gaming was something that you would play alone or with your friends on a shared screen. However, there has been a complete revolution in the way that we play games and we no longer have to be subjected to the struggles of screen cheating.  


Rise of Online

When online multiplayer games were introduced, they really shook up the way in which we could communicate with our fellow gamers. We no longer had to keep our anger to ourselves, instead, we could scrutinize our enemies over the mic and tell them just how awful they are.  

It is not only the way that we talk to our fellow gamers that have changed. The kind of games that we enjoy these days are much different from the games we played a decade ago. The most popular genre that people tend to play these days is battle royale. This genre consists of putting a large number of players into one world and making them fight until only one remains, this person then reigns champion.  


The Debate

A common debate that is now circulating within the world of gaming is whether or not battle royale games are the new chat rooms within the gaming world. This is the case because there is a mic set up within most battle royales that allow people to communicate with their team. Being able to communicate through the game itself has made a lot of calling applications and services obsolete, as it is more work to set up an additional service than it is to just speak through the game.   

If you are someone that plays games regularly, then you may not have noticed the gradual transition from using chat services to just using chat lobbies.  The main reason that this transition has happened so seamlessly is due to the convenience of being able to speak via mic during a gaming session, most of the time all you need to do is plug your mic in and you are ready to speak.  

The Better System


For years and years, we have had to deal with applications for voice calls that have had their problems. If you were a gamer during the years where there were very few options for voice calling, then you probably had to live through the nightmare of using Skype.  As long as you have a decent internet connection, then battle royale chats usually work perfectly well. So you don’t have to deal with any annoying lag when you are mid discussion about the person in your server cleverly using pubg hacks.


Something that you may have noticed if you are using a device that is a bit slower is that your computer or console struggles to smoothly run both a voice application along with the game itself. Simply using the game as opposed to several applications at the same time will only improve the quality of your gaming experience, as you won’t fall victim to continuous lag and missing textures due to the fact your device is unable to both applications at the same time.  


Though other talking services are fine, they don’t quite meet up to the current standards that have been put into place by games that are currently popular on the market. For this reason, it looks as though we will not be regressing back to our usual methods of talking any time soon.