What Are The New Policies In Jammu And Kashmir That Created Tension In The Minds Of The Journalist?

What Are The New Policies In Jammu And Kashmir That Created Tension In The Minds Of The Journalist?

This is the modern era in which everyone is independent of making their decisions, and the same applies to the journalist. It is actually very different in Jammu and Kashmir because there is so much of a complication that is going on with journalists, which has created tension in people’s minds. If a person wants to become a journalist at this place, then there is so much risk involved, as the political side can show the door and can remove them from their positions. 

 There is a policy that the government official will use their powers as they want on journalism. If they found and decided to recognize any news to be fake, then they have the right to take severe actions against the journalist, which are very complications to publish any news. It means the ruling is going on of politics in journalism. Thus, they check all the details, whatever is publishing in the newspaper, magazines, and the advertisements so that only that news goes out which they want to, which brings a great silence among reporters in starting. 

New Media policy 

Let’s say one has a big company and it is the fact that each company wants a good reputation in the market. But there are various things that are going on which can spoil the image of the company. In such cases, many people and prominent businessmen give money and buy the reputation and make goodwill in the market. For such things, they influence such people who will help them to bring out the only right image. 

 Such things make an fantastic reputation, and with those influence people, that brings trust in the minds of people. But this is the wrong way that is happening, which is the way to make the image if that is bad also. It means the reality is very different from the fake facts. This is going on in Jammu and Kashmir, where the government is the company and the persons who will bring the image is the media, which is all about in new media policy, where the freedom is taken away from the press. 

 Only that particular news can come out, which they allowed doing so. Such things improve the image of politics. And many political officers are given the duty, which created worry among journalist. Because they are not allowed to decide bringing any news out, this makes the abolition of the freedom of speech and expression. 

Importance of freedom to press 

  • It is very important to give freedom of expression. With this, more rights are attached to it as freedom of speech, freedom of the press which is very necessary to provide, because it provides a right t6o individuals, that they can bring out their opinion without nay fear. So this is the main aspect that must be provided to the press to bring their own opinions and the truth which is going on in society. There is no use of the freedom of expression if other authorities are involved in checking them and if they cannot take their own decision. 

 So freedom of the press involves the right to take decisions and functioning without any fear, threat, or worry about any sort of punishment. Freedom of expression covers many things and makes a rise in many other rights, without any interference. 

  • A free press brings awareness among people, and it is that part of the society which is very strong and informed public, about each aspect and which is very necessary. It is a democratic country in which it is very vital that the public must know about all the things, but many things are there which do not allow many things to come out, with which people are not participating in an appropriate way in democracy. 

 A reporter, the press, helps in telling detail to the public that is happening all around. When freedom is given to the press, it allows the press to acess stands to provide the right information to the public, so this must be respected. 

  • They Helps in making and brining strong opinion, as if the press is the one that will bring awareness among the people. So they are the one who helps in making strong democracies. With such information, people can make their opinions strong about voting and deciding who must be the country’s leader. Freedom of expression provides the right that the4re can be the proper discussion of the things that are happening so that there must not be any threat, and the right decision can be taken. The development in the opinions can only be achieved with the freedom of expression that is necessary to be given to media. 
  • There will be more chances of a fairer election when the right things come out with the media’s help. But if that is violated and press is forced to take decision which some authorities allow to do so, in that case, there will be funfair decisions. It is important to bring the right leader for the country, and the media can help it. The public can think about such things only when there is the right freedom given to the press. 
  • The importance of media is so much, especially at the time of elections. But many times, powerful authorities take hold of the media, which restrict the information to get a pass on to the public. In such an aspect, freedom of the press plays a vital role, which helps bring the right and appropriate information out. When voters hear the information, they can take a suitable decision that is beneficial for the country. 


 All such are the benefits that the country and the public get when such freedom is given to the press. But this is happening opposite in Jammu and Kashmir where there is so much restriction to the media. Often, essential and right information gets behind, and people remain unaware of the facts, because they do not get the right information. So such things have accreted the tension among the journalist. So it is vital to give various rights and freedom to the press. 

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