Why are Doctors Pushing for more Legalized Drugs in 2022

Why are Doctors Pushing for more Legalized Drugs in 2022

When it comes to certain drugs, almost every country in the world considers the use of those drugs a criminal offense. For decades people have been in and out of prison due to drug use and general addiction and it is predicted that over half of the people serving sentences in the UK are there due to drug-related crimes.  

For the most part, it is understandable as to why so many drugs have been criminalized. Many of the drugs that are available to buy are extremely dangerous and even more so addictive. However, no matter what the drug is, people do not believe that drugs should be criminalized at all. It is hard to disagree that drugs and addiction are a medical issue and for this reason, it is generally believed that the laws surrounding drugs should be decided by medical professionals.  

It is important to remember that just about every drug that has been created is considered illegal, depending on what country you live in. However, not every drug has the same penalty for usage, and to determine the punishment you will get for using each drug, they fall under certain classes. In the UK, the classes descend from A-C, with A being the most dangerous and addictive drug.  

When asked, a lot of doctors believe that not every drug should be considered to be illegal. There are various reasons as to why they think this and this article will delve into some of the reasons why doctors are pushing for more legalized drugs in 2022. 

Some drugs really are not dangerous  

If you look into all of the classifications of drugs, you will find some that aren’t even dangerous to the human body. The best example of this being the case is with marijuana. Marijuana is classified as a class B drug, even though it is not possible to overdose when using marijuana, and marijuana itself is not addictive.  

Even naturally occurring drugs like magic mushrooms and other psychedelic drugs are illegal, even though they are not chemically manufactured, which some people find to be extremely confusing.  

A lot of the drugs that are illegal have medical benefits  

A lot of the drugs that are considered to be illegal actually have a lot of medical benefits. This is one of the main reasons why so many doctors believe that some drugs should be legalized, as it will be a natural alternative to a lot of drugs that are already prescribed to people. 

Again, marijuana continues to be the perfect example of a drug with a lot of medical benefits that are still illegal. Around the world, more and more countries are legalizing marijuana. However, for the most part, it is still considered to be a crime to use or sell marijuana. What is even more confusing is that a lot of the countries that have marijuana set as an illegal drug also give medical allowances for use to those who need it. Being able to access these medical cards in order to be able to use marijuana is a lengthy process that often requires several appointments with doctors, which doctors find to be a waste of time when the drug could just be legalized already.  

Marijuana and a lot of other naturally occurring psychoactive drugs have actually been known to have a lot of positive effects. For example, marijuana has been known to have pain-relieving properties, which is why it has been recommended to use with chronic pain conditions and other pain issues in general.   

As well as having physical benefits, marijuana can also be used to deal with a number of mental issues such as anxiety and stress. Marijuana influences the receptors that are linked to mood and therefore have been linked to improving moods and relieving stress 

Doctors believe that it is entirely unreasonable for something that has so many medical benefits and so few negative side effects to be illegal, but that isn’t the only reason that they believe that drugs should be legalized.  

Easier access for patients 

Something that may seem astounding to you is the fact that it is actually a very lengthy process for medical facilities to be able to access some of the medicines that they distribute to patients. This is because the medications have to be manufactured, which can take some time depending on what medication it is.  Then once the medication is distributed to the medical facilities, it is then quickly used by patients.  

It can be frustrating for a lot of medical facilities that constantly struggle to keep certain medications stocked, especially when there are better alternatives that can be taken and purchased personally by the patient.  


Drug legalization rules are outdated  

When it comes to legislation related to drugs, something that can be said is that a lot of the rules that are now in place are extremely outdated.  A good example of this is the laws concerning steroids.  In previous years, steroids have been known to be dangerous and for that reason, they were made illegal.  

Now after years of research and the introduction of companies that actually care about their customers and safe distribution, there have been a number of steroid companies that have started to make safe to use steroids for athletes and aspiring sportsmen. There are plenty of businesses online that create safe to use steroids, these are legal steroids you can get access to very easily, but due to pre-existing laws, it can be difficult for these companies to be able to distribute their products easily.  

Keeping these drugs illegal to a certain extent also creates a negative image for these drugs. So even if a steroid company produces perfectly safe drugs, people may be reluctant to trust them which can be very detrimental to the success of a legally operating business.  

Doctors agree as many doctors use steroids as a way to combat a number of physical conditions such as paralysis or joint problems. Changing the laws around steroids will also mean that steroids will be easier to access in the medical centre as far more companies will look into creating them.  


The most important reason that doctors are pushing for drugs to be legalized is for monetary reasons. It costs the NHS a lot of money to produce the medication that they prescribe to their patients and this money really takes a chunk out of the yearly budget.  

A lot of the medications that they prescribe can actually be substituted for other drugs, like marijuana. Being able to recommend these substitutions which patients can acquire themselves will save the medical sector a lot of money that can be reinvested into medical equipment or even programs. 


Helping addicts 

Another big reason that doctors want drugs to be legalized is so that they can give people suffering from addiction the help that they need. A lot of people who struggle with addiction usually end up in and out of prison, which means that they are unable to get all of the help that they need. By making it so that these people are not legally prosecuted, doctors will then be able to work on dealing with addiction as a medical issue.